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Keeping Up with the Professional Community

Most workers feel like daily job tasks are quite specific, and we often chip away at it, settling into a routine assuming the tasks are always going to be the same. I’m excited to be a member of  content development field,  especially if I think of the future of technical writing and how written user assistance is evolving.

Usually I am not an exception to most workers. For example, I work on a very specific task updating large volumes of tests, reconstructing different types of questions. Yes, I am questioning the questions, so you see why it is easy to fall into a routine that is task specific and forget how this relates to content development at all.

So how do you keep up with the updates in the field of content development? This is where Epicor policy comes in handy. Our company encourages professional education, by not only setting goals for professional development, but sometimes also covering conference expenses and keeping us up to date with recent webinars, seminars and articles relevant to our skills.

Attending these seminars or sitting through a webinar is quite refreshing. It instantly pulls you out of your routine and brings out a bigger picture of the field in general. Yes, sometimes the discussion in the professional community often comes back to the same old ‘what is the best authoring system?’ or ‘why community-based content is the future’, but you get to see the trends where the industry is moving, what skills emerge and what content becomes redundant, how content teams solve the same issues, your colleagues face, and just have a little chat with the like-minded people about the things all of you are passionate about.

Personally, I love these gatherings because they create a sense of belonging to a professional community outside your company, which I find extremely important in the modern world. So while I get stuck in the hum drum work of the same type of work, making time for professional development is refreshing and let’s me bring some of what I learned into my every day work.

Tatiana Shutova