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It´s all about Education

Ever since ancient cultures emerged, education has always been a key factor to success. Hieroglyphics, manuscripts, drawings, even ancient texts are very carefully safeguarded in the best museums of the world. Why? My answer is: because we keep learning from them.

Just as the level of progress in a community is measured not only by the income and occupation, but also by the level of education of its people, the success of a company is driven by the experience and knowledge of its members. But, isn´t experience also knowledge? Yes, and that leads us back to education.

One of the things I love the most about my job is that I am surrounded by the possibilities of learning. As a trainer, I am expected to help others succeed in their goal of getting to know the Epicor application and acquire the skills necessary to use it successfully in their work environment. But I have discovered something: The more I teach, the more I learn… the more I learn, the better I do my job. I learn from people questioning me, I learn from my own experience doing things, I learn from reading, I learn from listening to others´ experience, I learn from doing research, I learn from watching, I learn from asking, and the list goes on.

Whether knowledge is acquired by learning from others or from our own experience, it is well known that education is the key to improve performance and efficiency, and thus, achieve better results in whatever we are up to. It's no wonder why companies do market research before launching a new product, they want to learn what the needs of the market are, they want to learn what the competitors are doing, they want to learn if there is enough market to sell their products. And, once the product is out, they still want to learn how the customer feels about it, whether there are better ways to manufacture their products, provide their service and, most important, increase revenue.

We all know experience is a highly valued asset in most companies, and that is because education is hidden behind it. As time goes by, new teaching methods and technologies evolve, and I can affirm the reason is because education is the foundation to success. So never give up when it comes to learning, it's all about it!

Posted by Lucia Lozano, Senior Trainer, Epicor University


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