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Maintaining an Always Learning Attitude

In September, I came to work one day and discovered that I had a brand new role. I needed to learn and document a completely different product. It was a bit of a shock but I didn’t freak out (well not much) because this is not the first time I’ve parachuted, pen in hand, into a new product. In fact, throughout my years at Epicor, I have documented for five different ERP offerings. What this has taught me is that, to be successful in the workplace, it is crucial to have an always learning attitude. We never know when a change or new opportunity will come along. It can be daunting but, when we are always learning, one of the things we learn is that that we can adapt, learn, and thrive in any environment.

We might not all come into work one day to discover a new job path but, in any career, we can learn new things and grow our skill sets. In work and in life, we should always be growing and learning. Learning new skills keeps our mind sharp and allows us to develop our knowledge and experience. A skilled and knowledgeable employee is a valuable asset to any company. The more we learn and develop, the more valuable we can become.

As frustrating as it can sometimes feel to learn an unfamiliar skill, there are advantages to digging deep and persevering towards new knowledge. Here are some benefits to maintaining an always learning attitude in the workplace.

Growing and Innovation –

There can be no innovation without growth and learning. In a rapidly changing environment, it is important to keep our skills fresh and to enhance our knowledge and abilities. When we have an attitude that we always have more to learn, we are more open to learning from others and trying new things. Stretching to learn unfamiliar skills keeps our minds sharp and allows us to continue to develop professionally and creatively.

Becoming comfortable with feedback –

Feedback is a critical part of any business process. Part of knowing that we are always learning is opening ourselves up to feedback and learning from our mistakes. When we are comfortable with feedback, we learn to work through challenges and to be open to others ideas, arriving together at the best final product.

Building confidence –

We can all experience insecurities when we try to learn something new but success learning leads to success. When we learn something new and continue to build on that learning, we demonstrate that we believe in ourselves and what we can contribute. The more we prove to ourselves that we can learn anything, the more we start to feel confidence in ourselves and what we are capable of achieving.

Getting ready for new opportunities –

In the ever evolving business world, our knowledge tool kit can never be too full. With new learning comes new skills and those skills ready us for opportunities in the workplace. When we get those opportunities, we will have the necessary skills to handle anything that comes our way.

In conclusion, when we learn and grow professionally and personally, it can lead to greater fulfillment in the workplace. This leaves us poised to take advantage of any opportunities that come along. When we have an attitude of learning and belief in ourselves and our skills, we can reach our personal and professional goals and achieve amazing things.

Tricia Symes