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A Different Year in 10 Steps

The year 2016 is here and we are all full of excitement, joy, and eagerness to achieve many, many goals. Diets, marathons, savings, vacations, reunions, promotions, and many wishes are part of our goals. 

We live in a world where we can be victims of the media, smart phones, and applications that consume our time and lives.

New year aheadMonths go by and we realize that new year´s is around that corner and we feel disappointed because we haven´t achieved half of the goals we had in mind. 

How can we achieve our goals? How can we have a different year? How can we have fabulous and unforgettable experiences? How can we reach amazing results? This year you can add these 10 things to your bucket list and achieve positive results that will write new stories in your memories.

1. Get out of your comfort zone. Modify your routine, update your goals, try new things, travel more, run that extra mile, explore your skills, and expect fabulous changes.

2. Change your life. Change a life and change yours. You can adopt a pet from a shelter, sponsor a child, or buy groceries/hygiene products and give them to someone who needs them. Instead of throwing that pair of old shoes, collect what you don´t need and take them to a charity shop. 

3. Work better, harder, smarter. Whatever you do, perform it with quality and with all your heart. Even if it seems like a small task, your work affects many people and many projects, go big and do your very best. Work smarter and maximize your abilities. Make the most of your time.

4. Feed a soul. Fill a bag with groceries and give it to someone who needs it, invite an old friend for dinner and pay the bill, say ¨Good morning¨ to that stranger in the elevator, help your co-worker understand his new project, or set a reminder and call your grandma. Feed someone´s soul and feed yours.

5. Daily introspection. Each night, on your way home, or while you are brushing your teeth, go through the activities of your day. You´ll be amazed at how much you achieved or how much you missed. You can make quick notes afterwards or set reminder for the next day.

6. Discover the power of lists. List your pending tasks, your dreams and goals, errands, and every thing that needs organization in your life. Following your pending activities on paper or in your smart phone will help you achieve them easily. Believe me, marking a task as complete makes you feel powerful.

7. Ask! Answers can improve your life. Ask your boss, your friend, your family, and yourself. What should I start doing? What should I continue doing? What should I stop doing? Answers will make you analyze, plan, achieve, and grow.

8. See the big picture and succeed. Realize how your work is a piece in a big puzzle. When you learn how your team and department work, you´ll have more clarity and enthusiasm to work and complete all your projects. When we understand our job and the impact it has in the big picture, we perform with success.

9. Follow cool people and subscribe to valued newsletters. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and your email to get the very best of Harvard, Forbes, New York Times, Mental Floss, MIT Tech Review, or Slate. Celebrity gossip won´t feed your brain. Read interesting content, have smarter conversations, and come up with better ideas.

10. Invest in valuable learning. Pick up that course you left years ago, continue learning a new language, or take that education bonus and use it for a certification that will improve your knowledge and performance. Your learning will reflect in your personal and your team´s results. You can loose many things, learning won´t go anywhere. 

I wish you the best of everything in 2016 and success in adding these 10 steps to your life.

Posted by Victoria Garza, Epicor University