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Kroll International Finds Real Savings in Warehouse Ops Optimization

Kroll International is a leading wholesale supplier of law enforcement, military tactical, public safety, homeland security, first-responder firearms, and shooting sports equipment. For more than 3 decades, the company has specialized in the stock of more than 100,000 products from 160 world-class brands for convenient shipping to dealers worldwide. Known as "the law enforcement wholesaler," Kroll enjoys an enviable position in a market that is fiercely competitive and which has razor-thin margins.

Since going live on Epicor Prophet 21 in June 2013, the company has doubled its revenues. What's more, having quick access to information and improved transparency, quantifiable metrics and analytics has transformed many of Kroll's day-to-day operating processes for greater efficiency and profitability.

One area the company has seen dramatic improvements is in its warehouse operations. The Epicor Wireless Warehouse Management System has enabled more efficient use of warehouse space, to make picking and packing more profitable and efficient, as well as greater flexibility in its operations. Kroll has the visibility to know exactly where the product is, where any order stands at any stage of the process, and even the ability to locate or cancel a customer order at a moment's notice.

Going wireless allowed Kroll to streamline, maximize, and improve warehouse processes. From better inventory tracking to going paperless, fulfilling orders more accurately, and generating performance metrics, overall efficiency of warehouse operations has skyrocketed.

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Kroll tracks inventory as it moves through the warehouse, as well as people's performance, measuring each employee's performance compared to others doing the same job so Kroll now knows exactly how much time and costs are incurred with every order. Information supports smart decision making to keep stock at the exact right level for optimal profitability.

Warehouse employees are now more productive than ever before. As a result, orders received by noon will ship same day, whereas before, it could take days from the time the order was placed. Average daily volume of shipped orders has increased by 21.7% since implementation, and the recorded highest shipping day volume has increased by 39.7%. Overall warehouse productivity has improved by 16.9%.

Kroll will save as much as one FTE per million dollars in sales due to faster and more effective warehouse operations. These labor savings are used to reallocate personnel to other higher value-added activities. 

Barcoding provides a faster and more accurate way to verify that correct items have been picked and use of a secondary checkpoint of picked items has resulted in improved order fulfillment accuracy where errors are identified before our products ship to the customer, resulting in a decrease in product returns by 10%. Warehouse space has optimization gives Kroll the ability to stock and offer more products -- capacity utilization is up 15.26%. Maximizing its warehouse footprint has also improved inventory turns by 1 day on average as a result of cross-docking. 

Despite rolling out the system two weeks before the start of its busy season, Kroll never missed a beat and was able to get all its orders out the door on time - now that's MONEY! 

To learn more about Kroll International, LLC success story, click here.

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