Special Order Tracking Gets Easier for Vision Users

The phrase "special order" can stir feelings of dread in even the most battle-hardened parts professional, as the process of acquiring such components often involves significant time and effort. Epicor hopes to change that with a new feature available with the Epicor Vision distribution management solution that enables users to quickly research and complete special orders and drop-ship orders through their suppliers.

Using the VIC integration on Vision software saves our counterpeople valuable time and helps us make more sales.

Jim Scrivner
president | Al’s Automotive Supply

Available through integration of the Vision solution with the GCommerce Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC), this new feature eliminates the need to call a manufacturer for pricing and availability by allowing users to look up, price, place, and track specialSpecial Order Tracking Gets Easier for Vision Users with Integration of GCommerce Virtual Inventory Cloud orders and drop-ship orders with ease, using the software's electronic sourcing form. Electronic purchase orders are automatically generated and transmitted to the manufacturer via Epicor Parts Network connectivity, while purchase order numbers, advance shipping notices, and invoices flow back to the user's Vision software.

In other words, you will have much less time-intensive paperwork to deal with. What's more, by dramatically reducing the time and labor commonly associated with special orders, this feature affords distributors the opportunity to increase revenue, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Just ask Jim Scrivner, president of Al's Automotive Supply, a 14-location distributor serving the St. Louis metropolitan area.

"Using the VIC integration on Vision software saves our counterpeople valuable time and helps us make more sales,” he said. “With this integration, special orders happen seamlessly and get tracked inside Vision software all in one step. We look forward to transitioning to this feature for all major vendors.”

Epicor Vision software is a powerful next-generation solution for parts distributors targeting increased operational efficiency, stronger sales and margin growth, and exceptional customer satisfaction and loyalty-and, critically, it never stops evolving. The latest feature is one of hundreds available to Vision software users, all designed to position them for strong growth in an increasingly dynamic marketplace. By continuing to invest in product development and strategic integrations, we are helping this rapidly growing community to "Grow Beyond" traditional operational and competitive barriers facing many distributors today.

To learn more about the Epicor Vision solution, contact your Epicor representative, call Epicor toll-free at 800.999.1809, or email automotive.marketing@epicor.com