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ERP Selection for your Automotive Business

I recently had a salesman from an ERP software system tell me they support the automotive industry and they had several references. To be honest, I was a little stunned when they told me this. I've worked in the automotive industry for 20 years and ERP Software for Automotive Supply Chain I'd never, ever, competed against this particular product.

After asking a few simple questions it turned out that the automotive industry they were talking about was not the same  industry that I knew and loved. When I think of automotive, I'm talking about the Automotive Supply Chain where manufacturing plants are making parts and are selling them up the supply chain to the Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, and Honda.

They were talking about Automotive Aftermarket which has a completely different set of requirements from the Automotive Supply Chain. There are many ways to describe "automotive." Even when we are talking about a topic, as specific as Automotive Software, this can still mean many things. If you do a quick search on Automotive Software, you'll see a myriad of topics such as Automotive ERP, Used Car Software, Dealer Software, Shop Floor MES, Auto Repair Shop Software and the list goes on and on.  Heck, if we even narrow our description to Automotive ERP we could be talking about Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive Retail, Automotive Distribution, or my favorite--- Automotive Supply Chain Software.

The reality is you need to be careful when you are selecting ERP solutions for your automotive business.  The bottom line is that not all ERP software out there will support your automotive business needs. On this upcoming blog series, I will be sharing best practices for the Automotive Supply Chain. We'll talk about software requirements for this industry as well as trends and new requirements.   

If you have anything you'd like me to talk about, please leave your insights below in the comments section.

Posted by Andrew Robling, Principle Product Manager, Epicor


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