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Innovative New Epicor PartExpert GFX eCatalog Interface

The automotive aftermarket continues to evolve at a rapid pace, but if there's one constant truth among all the changes it's this-when it comes to automotive parts, a picture is worth 1,000 words. But what about a picture that you can click on for a deeper look at the individual components that make up the part?

The GFX interface has definitely made our parts lookup process faster and more accurate, which helps ensure a higher level of customer service.

Michael Crews
vice president of information technology | Tri-States Automotive Warehouse

If the early response to the release of the new Epicor PartExpert GFX eCatalog interface is any indication, the answer is "invaluable." Now available for users of the Epicor Vision and Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket business management solutions, this innovative graphical automotive-parts catalog interface is designed to help distributor and jobber personnel, service writers, and other users of any skill level enhance lookup efficiency, strengthen customer satisfaction, and increase sales.Innovative New Epicor PartExpert GFX eCatalog Interface

Many parts providers have relayed to Epicor that they have difficulty attracting seasoned counter professionals. Representing one of the most significant advancements in eCatalog technology of the past 30 years, the Epicor PartExpert GFX eCatalog addresses this challenge by helping employees of all experience levels quickly and easily find the right parts for every customer. By increasing accessibility, the solution makes it easier to provide a superior customer experience with every parts and service interaction.

The interface enhances traditional, menu-driven lookup prompts with new, detailed system visualizations featuring embedded part intelligence. Rather than requiring keyed prompts to drill down to a specific part, the GFX interface allows users to more easily identify available aftermarket and original equipment parts represented within corresponding vehicle system diagrams.

By clicking on the brake system visualization for a late-model import application, for example, the user will see an exploded view of all system components-rotors, calipers, brake pads, hardware, etc.-along with available original equipment (OE) and aftermarket part numbers. Clicking on a part within the exploded view automatically performs a catalog lookup on that component.

This highly intuitive design helps users quickly visualize part location and design and identify related parts that might be needed to complete a repair. Product images, installation instructions, warranty details, and other value-added content also is available with a single click.

"The GFX interface has definitely made our parts lookup process faster and more accurate, which helps ensure a higher level of customer service," said Michael Crews, vice president of information technology, Tri-States Automotive Warehouse, Inc. "The parts breakout of any system you're looking at is right there in front of you, and you can easily click on whatever replacement part you need, instead of having to guess."

To remain competitive, today's automotive parts and service providers require comprehensive product intelligence, delivered in a way that simplifies their workflow. The new GFX interface is designed to help Epicor customers grow their businesses faster with a fresh, easy-to-use alternative to traditional parts lookup methods.

To learn more about Epicor PartExpert GFX graphical eCatalog interface and other Epicor content solutions, contact your Epicor representative, call Epicor toll-free at 800-999-1809, or email automotive.marketing@epicor.com.


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