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  • Eagle for the Aftermarket: User group meeting an amazing experience looking ahead to Eagle 28

Eagle® for the Aftermarket: User group meeting ‘an amazing experience’; looking ahead to Eagle 28

Spending a few days in February in southern Florida sounded good to Eagle users residing in northern states and Canada. It turned out to be an invaluable experience for all who attended the Eagle for the Aftermarket User Group Meeting in St. Petersburg. Beyond great weather and a record turnout, the event offered an agenda packed with valuable information.

"I had a great time,” said Drew Mazza of the Mazza Auto Parts chain in Michigan. “I got a lot out of the classes. It was fascinating being able to talk to other Eagle users and find out what works best for them.”

Bonnie Chandler of Canadian Auto Stores Limited described the event as “an amazing experience.” “We were able to sit down and have this massive overview—to discuss what everyone is doing, what things they learned and where we want to go with Eagle,” she said.

In addition to networking and sharing of best practices, the event included a detailed review of new Eagle features and capabilities available now and later this year. Two significant new benefits are the Eagle for the Aftermarket Customer Portal, offering quick, easy access to a wide range of training materials and other resources; and the EpicCare Customer Support Portal, where users can quickly create, track and escalate support cases and accelerate resolution times.

Attendees also were able to learn more about the many new features available through Eagle 27.1—now available to all users—and preview the additional functionality planned for Eagle 28, scheduled for release later this year. Here are the highlights of Eagle 28.

Eagle 28 Features:

  • eConnect ECD auto download of PEDS LaserCat
  • EMV no signature required for <$50
  • Drivers license swipe/scan at POS using pin pad or scanner
  • Receiving of serial # in MPO
  • AP Assist—allow update of freight charges in MRV
  • Six new user defined Customer Dates fields added to customer record
  • Convert sales to loyalty points

Important: If you would like to participate in Alpha/Beta testing of this upcoming release, please contact Tom Wood at (512) 278-5431 or

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