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Meet Two Talented Women Driving Epicor Channel Success

May 30, 2018

Every year there's one day designated as International Women’s Day. It’s a call to appreciate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women around the world. At Epicor, however, we have reason to celebrate the occasion each and every day, given the ongoing, remarkable contributions from the talented women we’re proud to have on Team Epicor. We're so very proud of the contributions all the women of Epicor make each day, and the positive effect that good work produces across the channel and industry as a whole


Innovation Paves Way for New Distribution Challenges

May 08, 2018

I recently came across an article in Time magazine, The 25 best inventions of 2017. The best inventions ranged from shoes engineered to boost performance, a flavor packed guilt-free ice cream that packs fewer calories, mugs that heat your coffee just right, to glasses that give sight to the blind. It seems like today’s efficient electric cars and smart home technologies were introduced into the mainstream a decade ago.


The Art and Science of Inventory Planning – Part II

May 03, 2018

Demand planning needs to account for many different scenarios such as the following – you’re selling an $8.00 widget – a customer wants to buy these widgets but decides to go with another vendor because your price is $3.00 higher than a competitor. Or lets says the buyer wants 8 and you only have a quantity of 5 on hand – they may buy the 5 or decide not to buy because you can’t fulfill the total quantity of 8. That extra 3 or 8 widgets that could have been sold but will not be needs to be incorporated into the demand forecast.


The Art and Science of Inventory Management – Part 1

April 30, 2018

Inventory control is execution; inventory management and planning is strategy. Planning feeds to the distribution center and warehouse operations, and it’s essential. To explain the significance, I often give an example that everyone can relate to: IfThe Art and Science of Inventory Management and Planning - Part 1 you were going on a cross-county car trip, you would need to understand how much time it would take you to reach your destination, plan your route, figure out where you would stop overnight or for gas, provision funds for the trip, etc.


Megatrends Shaping the Factory of the Future

April 30, 2018

Megatrends are global, sustained, macroeconomic forces of development that impact businesses, cultures and personal lives. The wonders of technology – and specifically the Internet of Things (IoT) – have us all on a dizzying course of change. But manufacturers, especially, must ensure factory operations are future-fit to transcend transformation. Trends and disruptive technologies will enable some businesses to compete and thrive, while those same circumstances will knock others off course (or out of the market completely).


Infographic: Building a Culture of Growth by Aptitude Research Partners

March 29, 2018

Building a culture of growth at your company is a journey that can take many forms, but one this is certain – it must be a priority to be successful.


Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders in the Manufacturing Enterprise

March 28, 2018

How should manufacturers be preparing our next generation of leaders? Whether the consideration is internal or external resources, here are a few best practices to consider.


Moving to a Completely Paperless Environment

March 12, 2018

Today, technology continues to improve operational efficiency such as eliminating manual data entry or implementing automation applications. This is the case for Arnold Lumber Company.  Founded in 1911, Arnold Lumber Company is one of the largest lumber companies in the state of Rhode Island.  Overall, the company’s challenge was how to improve their invoice processing and filing efficiency.


Kroll International Finds Real Savings in Warehouse Ops Optimization

March 11, 2018

Kroll International is a leading wholesale supplier of law enforcement, military tactical, public safety, homeland security, first-responder firearms, and shooting sports equipment. For more than 3 decades, the company has specialized in the stock of more than 100,000 products from 160 world-class brands for convenient shipping to dealers worldwide. Known as “the law enforcement wholesaler,” Kroll enjoys an enviable position in a market that is fiercely competitive and which has razor-thin margins.


Why Distributors Need to Incorporate eCommerce and Mobile into the Sales Process

February 08, 2018

As retailers move, almost en masse, to implement omnichannel functionality (e.g., ship to home/return to store, online order/in-store pickup, anytime/anywhere access to inventory) in an effort to effectively meet the rising demands of customers, the movement has significant implications for distributors.


Epicor Recognized as a Leader in the Austin Tech Scene by G2 Crowd

January 30, 2018

Epicor has been identified as one of the best Austin software tech companies, based on its high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real G2 Crowd users for its Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) platform. Kinetic has received 33 verified real-user reviews in the ERP Systems category. Users point to Epicor's journal entries (84%) and purchase orders (82%) as its two top-rated features of the tool.


Navigating the People-Impact of Digital Transformation

January 10, 2018

Even as we hurtle towards a world where robots are common in any kind of workplace, it’s the human element that continues to rank highest on the executive agenda.  In fact many of the CEOs we meet with have plans to hire more employees in the coming year than in the last one. However this enthusiasm to expand is almost always tempered by a significant challenge; most executives rank the availability of key skills as one of the top risks to their business.