The Key to Great Instructions

December 22, 2016

Season’s Greetings All. Last weekend being the last before Christmas I am sure it was busy for all with last minute shopping and holiday nights out. Personally, I had my son’s nursery school Christmas event to attend with my family – watching young children meet Santa Claus filled everyone with festive cheer and took our minds off the freezing weather!


Solving the Problem of Data, Debate, and Decisions

December 16, 2016

ERP helps elevate the debate with greater insight Research commissioned by Epicor reveals it is natural, even healthy, for senior management team members to have differing ideas. But it is nonetheless important to make sure these conflicts are not based on biased agendas that might hinder business growth, and are instead elevated to productive debates driven by timely, objective facts that are easily and efficiently accessed


We Have the Data…Now What?

December 14, 2016

Technology advances in manufacturing have made data accessible in a way that it has never been before. Information can be collected in real time in points throughout the manufacturing process. The issue now is what to do with all of that data—how can you take this information that has been collected and turn it into actionable insights?


Changing the Conversation: How Healthy Conflict Drives Business Growth

November 20, 2016

People often see conflict as a negative and naturally want to avoid it. This is as true in executive boardrooms as anywhere else in life. However, a survey conducted by MORAR on behalf of Epicor reveals that conflict amongst decision-makers in growing businesses is normal, and can be quite effective in driving innovation and growth.


Don’t ‘Miss Out’ on Your Latest ERP Technology

November 15, 2016

A lot of changes can happen in businesses, from expanding locations to increasing product lines or minimizing workflow processes. Do you have fear of missing out with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution?


Disconnect in the C-Suite: Aligning Executives’ Goals for Successful Growth

November 09, 2016

In business, growth affects all members of an organization, from the customer to the supplier and from the CEO to the trainee. Growth can bring with it new pressures, new workloads, new markets and new objectives. It's no wonder perhaps that there are differing opinions on growth.


Get Stoked for Growth During the Epicor LBM User Conference

November 05, 2016

Learning is an essential and unending process throughout the lifetime of owning a lumber and building materials (LBM) business. During the 2016 Epicor LBM User Conference, LBM dealers, as well as industry and technology experts, will participate in two days of networking and business growth education. Attendees will gain valuable insight about to how to better utilize the Epicor BisTrack™, Catalyst, Falcon, ECS Pro, and LumberTrack solutions to dive deeper into their businesses, and ultimately improve the bottom line.


Epicor Supports Launch of LBM Strategies 2016 Conference

November 04, 2016

In this extremely competitive Lumber and Building Material (LBM) industry, there is absolutely no substitute for knowledge and skills. That is why Epicor is sponsoring the launch of LBM Strategies’ 3-day conference that kicks off on September 6 in Charlotte, North Carolina helping to honor the inductees who have been serving their markets for at least a century.


Automotive EDI. What’s the Big Deal?

November 03, 2016

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) isn’t just "nice to have" in the automotive supply chain world, you need this to be compliant or you could face the prospect of losing business.  Almost every ERP package you can buy out there will have some mechanism to support EDI, but automotive EDI is a lot different than other industries.


Five Mistakes Retailers Make When Selecting a Software Solution

October 24, 2016

One of the earliest American businessmen was Benjamin Franklin, who counseled not to fear mistakes. But for retailers selecting their POS software solutions, a prudent course would be to avoid the common ones, or they may find the Benjamins coming in less steadily than they would hope.


Duncan Parnell Celebrates 70 Years

October 17, 2016

Founded in 1946, Duncan Parnell, a distributor and service provider for professional equipment, serving the AEC (architectural/engineering/construction) market has embarked its 70th year anniversary in 2016. Not only celebrating this milestone, the company also received  the Business Transformation Award during the first annual Epicor 2016 Customer Excellence Award for the Americas held earlier this year.


Lonely at the Top: Why CEOs View Business Growth Differently

October 11, 2016

In an ideal world, relationships within the C-Suite would flow harmoniously, with every member in perfect alignment with each other's goals. But in reality, senior management members hold differing, sometimes conflicting perspectives on what’s best for the business, especially when it comes to growth.