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Watch How Radwell International Drives Growth

December 12, 2019


Global Growth Index Ep. 3

Radwell International buys, sells, and repairs industrial machinery. They have a performance-driven culture where technology and innovation rate as highly important. With a skilled labor shortage, running on the latest technology helps their employees stay—and feel—relevant. It also helps Radwell retain and keep IT staff in place. In addition to tech that helps employees keep skills current, they also offer intern and mentorship programs that benefit recruiting, hiring, and training practices. The company believes that sharing experiences through mentorship provides the best learning experience for new employees or employees learning new roles. Radwell’s pace, energy, and vibe drive growth and innovation, but they also promote having fun at work. Perks like a cool cafeteria, game room, and a regular trivia contest with cash prizes help employees blow off steam and engage. Watch the video for more details on the innovation vibe at Radwell. It’s rad.