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  • Over 60% of Leading Electrical Distributors Partner with Epicor

Over 60% of Leading Electrical Distributors Partner with Epicor

A few weeks ago, Electrical Wholesaling released the Top 200 Electrical Distributors, an annual list of the largest companies in the electrical distribution industry throughout North America. We were thrilled to see that more than 60% of survey respondents are running their organizations with help from Epicor, and in fact most of our customers are concentrated at the top of the list.

July 14, 2016


To compile this roundup, Electrical Wholesaling's editors sent out its annual survey to several hundred distributors of electrical supplies that have either been on the list in the past or have industry-leading annual sales volumes. They then analyzed the data over several months.

Electrical Wholesaling estimates these Top 200 distributors control 65% of related sales, employ more than 88,000 workers, and manage more than 7,000 branches in North America. In addition to highlighting leading electrical distributors, the list paints a broad picture of the economic health of the industry. And this year's picture was a good one - most of these distributors expect growth in 2016, despite widespread challenges in the electrical distribution industry. In fact, almost 20% of the survey's respondents expect double-digit sales growth in 2016! 

I think I speak for the entire team here at Epicor when I say we are honored and humbled to work with so many of the industry's leading electrical distributors, and we are excited to be playing a part in each organization's growth, now and in the years ahead. We hope to see more of our customers on this list in 2017 too!
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