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ABAXIS Europe GmbH

Abaxis provides technology, tools, and services that let doctors and veterinarians analyze blood samples at point-of-care and determine the most common laboratory parameters directly on site. Abaxis Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of the U.S. company Abaxis, Inc.- headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Product development and production are also based in the United States, while the subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, Serbia, and Hong Kong serve as sales locations for the regions.

"Our key criteria for selecting Epicor ERP included its flexibility as an all-in-one solution combined with its country-specific functionality"
Sebastian Lucas
Finance Director | ABAXIS Europe GmbH

International growth

“As a fast-growing company, we need a system that enables us to set up additional locations in different countries with a unified, standardized management solution,” said Achim Henkel, managing director of Abaxis Europe. “With the Epicor ERP system in place, we can manage end-to-end processes across all departments and divisions of our corporate group.”

Abaxis needed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool that would work seamlessly across countries and be flexible and scalable in order to prepare the company for growth-including the opening of new subsidiaries. The company chose to implement Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic) to help achieve strategic and technical business goals within its expansion programme. It also wanted to achieve greater flexibility in its ERP system with optimised access to information for users and maximum transparency of processes and data. 

End-to-end processes

Abaxis wanted to transform the finance, sales, marketing, logistics, and technical service business units. It rolled out modules for finance, inventory, and customer relationship management (CRM), as well as technical service and distribution for 100 employees at locations across Germany and the UK. It provided the Hong Kong and Serbian offices with remote access to the environment in Germany and the corporate headquarters in the U.S. via Epicor Service Connect middleware, which automates shipping and goods-in processes. This is integrated with the multicarrier shipping software SendIT.

“We were looking for a flexible system that would allow us to customise the ERP system to our company needs using business process management and other standard functions without changing the source code,” commented Sebastian Lucas, finance director at Abaxis in Griesheim. “Previously, we worked with different systems in each department and encountered multiple interface problems. The ultimate goal was therefore to have a unified system for the entire company, encompassing all international branches.”

Central database and transparency

With Epicor ERP in place, Abaxis now has access to a central and companywide consistent database that provides-via Citrix-access to the same data and information anytime, anywhere. An existing ERP system in the UK and multiple applications in Germany have been replaced by Epicor ERP, making interface and translation problems a thing of the past.

Epicor ERP simplifies the management of Abaxis's international offices and provides direct access to the systems. This allows for maximum transparency and rapid availability of real-time data.

In addition, processes can be automated to make the business more efficient throughout. “Our key criteria for selecting Epicor ERP included its flexibility as an all-in-one solution combined with its country-specific functionality,” Lucas revealed.

A phased approach

Abaxis planned a two-staged deployment approach. Initially, at its sites in Germany and the UK, Epicor ERP was rolled out in a single step. Smaller projects were initiated downstream-for example, CRM was implemented, and the web shop was connected.

Critical success factors were pragmatic project management and close collaboration with Epicor- along with a committed internal team and experienced external consultants. “Creating the right team is essential,” explained Lucas. “I would recommend to anyone that they select key project members and consultants by an interview process and not hesitate to make changes to the team during the project.”

On budget with great user feedback Abaxis measured the success of the transformation by three factors-faster access to business intelligence within the company, user commitment, and adherence to budget. “All three aspects have been fulfilled,” said Lucas. “This means that we can now plan to roll out the Epicor ERP solution very efficiently at other sites in our corporate group.”

Overall, Lucas advises any other business embarking on a similar project to expect some turbulence and changes in requirements. His advice is to remain flexible and create a clear and transparent change management process. The latter also applies to cost management, making sure the actual and planned project expenses are compared and monitored promptly.

CRM modules and roll-out

planned for other locations Abaxis now plans to integrate a mobile app to complement the CRM functionality of Epicor ERP. In addition, further locations are now being migrated to Epicor ERP. Once the U.S. headquarters have implemented the latest version of Epicor ERP, the company will implement a direct connection for consistent reporting and financial consolidation.

In a consistent modernization process, Abaxis implements with Epicor ERP an internationally integrated system for corporate management and creates the technical prerequisites for sustainable growth and expansion into new markets.

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Company Facts

  • Locations: Griesheim, Germany; Dunnington, United Kingdom; Belgrade, Serbia; Hong Kong, Headquarters-Union City, California, U.S.
  • Industry: Medical devices
  • Website:


  • Deploy a global ERP solution across international locations
  • Provide multi-company capability for international branches with country-specific functions
  • Gain remote access for Hong Kong and Serbia
  • Enable business process customization without altering the code



  • Standardized reporting and central data management
  • Improved transparency across all locations
  • Automated and harmonized processes for higher efficiency
  • Accelerated roll-out of new branches, enabling faster business growth 

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