Voices From Today’s Manufacturers

Advanced technology, supply chains, labor shortages, economic uncertainty—these issues define manufacturing today. So what do manufacturers really think about them?

In these two reports, 1,000 manufacturing leaders and frontline workers reveal their impressions about the technology they’re using and embracing, the shifts they’re making and experiencing in the workplace, and how they view the future of the industry.

Key takeaways include:

Technology and Modern Manufacturing
·       58% of manufacturing leaders consider their company “very modern.”
·       But only 48% of frontline workers say the same.

Workplace Flexibility and Morale
·       64% of manufacturing leaders believe company morale is high.
·       But only 52% of frontline workers say the same.

Company Loyalty and Industry Prospects
·       81% of manufacturing leaders plan to stay in their job for the next 12 months.
·       But only 44% of frontline workers say the same.