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As an internationally expanding enterprise, Techcomp introduced Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic)—the global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution—to improve data transparency and provide business intelligence to aid decision making and growth. The business had identified a need to establish a standardized platform for circulating information freely between company headquarters and subsidiaries to provide management with real-time data for making strategic decisions. Techcomp hoped that this in turn would improve the operational efficiency that keeps the company in its leading position in the marketplace.

Epicor is an experienced multinational ERP company with a wide range of trusted, industry leading solutions. With offices and partners in many different regions, they offered all-around support for us worldwide. Epicor ERP [Kinetic] has a built-in solution specifically for the manufacturing industry that is in full compliance with Techcomp’s intracompany and industrial needs.
Gilbert Sin
Financial Director and Joint-Company Secretary

Established in 1988, Techcomp manufactures and distributes scientific analytical instruments and laboratory equipment. The company ships products to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, Europe, and USA (North America). Their customers include universities and research institutions, government agencies, industrial enterprises, and medical groups. Techcomp has an excellent reputation amongst its customers for manufacturing precise and accurate equipment and for outstanding service delivery. It is these differentiators which have led to a rapid expansion of the business. Through organic growth and a number of mergers and acquisitions over the last ten years, the enterprise has expanded internationally, and it now has branches and factories in more than 15 countries worldwide.

A legacy challenge

Due to this rate of expansion, Techcomp was experiencing some expected growing pains. Financial director and joint-company secretary, Gilbert Sin, noted that the development and acquisition of individual branches and factories had resulted in the use of different and disparate operating systems which didn’t enable information sh ring throughout the company. This put limitations on data capture, which in turn impacted data management and the efficiency of internal communication. “Take our sales figures, for example. Different countries have different languages, exchange rates, and time differences—we had to collect and sort out data from many different places in order to unify our information. This process often took days, was delayed, and had a direct impact on the quality and speed of management decisions,” Gilbert stated.

Initially, Techcomp had only expressed a need for a CRM system. However, after in-depth discussions, it realized it was in need of an end-to-end ERP solution to complement its business development process. With such a stronghold in so many diverse countries around the world, Techcomp recognized it was not going to be an efficient use of resources or easy to implement multiple ERP systems one-by-one across the regions.

To address this challenge, Techcomp decided to introduce a single ERP system. By establishing a standard management platform, it hoped to benefit from information sharing, internal communication, data capture, cost control, production efficiency, and market forecasting. After careful consideration and selection, Techcomp decided to work with Epicor Software.

Data for management decision-making

Gilbert commented, “Epicor is an experienced multinational ERP company with a wide range of trusted, industry leading solutions. With offices and partners in many different regions, they offered all-around support for us worldwide. Epicor ERP [Kinetic] has a built-in solution specifically for the manufacturing industry that is in full compliance with Techcomp’s intracompany and industrial needs.”

Although Techcomp implemented Epicor ERP in phases, significant improvements in information sharing could be seen immediately. “Data delivery had been delayed in the past. We often relied on our management experience to estimate sales, purchase materials, and manage stocks. Now, we can use real-time data for analysis and prediction, which makes results more accurate. Not only can we control our costs more effectively, but it also helps us make a positive impression on our customers,” Gilbert commented.

Gilbert took a pragmatic approach to the project. From day one, he was prepared for a substantial journey. “Techcomp has operations in more than ten countries, each of which needs to comply with the local regulations, accounting, and taxation requirements. As well as this, employees have different cultural backgrounds, which means we need to coordinate and communicate slowly and listen to their opinions, so it is 100 times harder than you can imagine. However, Epicor helped navigate these challenges very well and worked on a smooth and swift implementation.”

Provide ERP cases as examples

“Epicor provided strong support and consultancy throughout the implementation process. This included sharing valuable ERP success stories from our own industry sector as examples of projects we could learn from,” said Gilbert.

Techcomp found the flexibility within the system a true asset. Gilbert stated, “The ability to provide a real-time single view of an account, accessible by employees in different time zones, all using the same account at the same time, really maximized the system’s value. We are now making sense of the data and slowly revising business processes until we achieve the goals that we desire.”

Although initially using an ERP system increased workloads, the benefits have already been reaped through better management decision-making. Gilbert explained, “Epicor ERP [Kinetic] is not only a platform for information sharing, it is a complete operational database for analysis, with access restrictions for unauthorized staff for increased security.”

Features for industry 4.0

In addition to the business intelligence Epicor ERP has given Techcomp, there have been other key benefits. First of all, the interface is clear and easy to use—users say they love it. Secondly, it greatly enhances the operational speed. The third benefit is accessibility, as Techcomp employees can log in to the system management business and approval process through mobile devices whenever they want. The penultimate benefit is that it supports cloud computing should Techcomp wish to move ERP into the cloud in the future, and finally, it has extended functions such as social networking and eCommerce, providing it with all-around support. As the manufacturing industry moves towards Industry 4.0 reform, an ERP system with advanced manufacturing execution system (MES) function and data analysis support is helping Techcomp enhance its competitiveness.

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Company Facts

  • Location: HQ Hong Kong, global offices
  • Industry: Scientific Equipment Manufacturer
  • Website:


  • Managing business growth effectively and efficiently
  • Disparate operating systems working in silos
  • Operating in different countries, languages, exchange rates and time zones



  • Easy to use interface enhancing operational speed
  • Business transparency leading to better decision making for growth
  • Employees accessing system via mobile devices for ease of use
  • More accurate stock control leading to improved cost controls
  • The business is now fit for growth and ready to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies

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