FMB Oxford Deploys Epicor ERP to Boost Efficiency and Increase Business Sales

Bracknell September 09, 2020

Epicor ERP will enable FMB Oxford to prepare for the next stage of growth whilst boosting project management efficiency

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced that FMB Oxford Limited – a multi-disciplinary engineering company – has implemented Epicor ERP across a broad spectrum of business processes, from finance to manufacturing, placing the solution at the heart of its business operations.

The Epicor ERP platform has been introduced to enable FMB Oxford to simplify and manage processes, both now and in the future. FMB Oxford realised that to achieve its growth targets, the business would have to increase its levels of productivity, but its current systems were unable to manage the level of demand that would arise from this. It chose Epicor ERP to support these goals, as it could oversee many different areas of the business, including purchasing, development, procurement, and project management – and the system in place was unable to support and provide that functionality. By implementing Epicor ERP, FMB Oxford hopes to drive improvement in the procurement department and increase efficiencies in project management, which its previous system did not live up to.

Lukas Somarakis, Finance and Business Change Manager at FMB Oxford, commented: “Epicor will govern our entire operations. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the new ERP system will bring in innovative ways of working and open the door to increased efficiency.”

“The new ERP software will speed up tasks that would usually take much longer, freeing up our employees to focus on higher-value tasks and adding up to a lot of saved time. One of the main benefits that Epicor will provide is a significant drop in the number of spreadsheets we work off for individual projects, as we have been using up to 15 different spreadsheets at one time. This will reduce down to one single point of information for everything – something that’s really valuable to us as a business.”

FMB Oxford is looking to implement a variety of Epicor software, including its Cloud ERP Solution, Project Management Modules, MRP software, and potentially a number of Shop Floor aspects in the future.

Mark Hughes, Regional Vice President UK & Ireland, Epicor, commented: “During these changing times, it is crucial that businesses are provided with the necessary tools to help them transition into the ‘new now’. For FMB Oxford, complete visibility across its business processes will help support this transition. The functionality around electronic requests-for-quotes, purchase orders, and project structuring, as a start, will really help revolutionise daily processes, especially as the company continues to expand.”


About FMB Oxford Limited

FMB Oxford is a recognised and established leader in the supply of X-ray and Free Electron Laser beamlines and beamline components to the scientific community, specialising in the design, assembly, test, installation and commissioning of these high-value systems. With over 20 years’ experience in the global synchrotron industry and FEL industry, FMB has built an extensive product range and continues to work with its customers and other experts in the community to expand and develop this range to provide new solutions capable of supporting the increasing demands of the science.


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