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Petroleum Distribution


As a petroleum products distributor, you need to schedule deliveries strategically to keep transportation costs down and tanks full. You also need to manage complex inventory with weight-to-volume ratios that fluctuate with temperature. To take on these industry-specific challenges, Epicor offers powerful software solutions that make it easy to:

  • Achieve simpler, faster delivery scheduling and buyback
  • Interface with specialized petroleum systems for greater efficiency
  • Export customer and inventory data into your existing applications
  • Optimize inventory with real-time data
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"We’ve made great strides integrating Prophet 21…Having an organization that understands our business and is willing to help advance the state of the industry makes a huge difference."
Bob Crouch, CFO
PetroLiance, LLC

Epicor Solutions for Petroleum Distribution

Prophet 21

This easy-to-use ERP system can help boost productivity and profitability for petroleum distributors. Optimize your core processes for maximum efficiency and achieve your strategic business goals.


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