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HVAC Distribution


As an HVAC distributor, you face new challenges every day. Before dawn, contractors rush to buy compressors and electric thermostats for that day’s work. Then, your warehouse staff might prepare a shipment of duct, fittings, and boots for a new project. At closing time, you may need to help a contractor who suddenly has spec changes and needs new pricing. Epicor solutions can help you ease this complexity by:

  • Quickly processing front counter orders
  • Optimizing inventory and increasing turns
  • Managing kits and assemblies
  • Tracking serial numbers

Epicor Solutions for HVAC Distribution

Prophet 21

The Epicor Prophet 21, an easy-to-use ERP system can help boost productivity and profitability for suppliers of HVAC products. Optimize your core processes for maximum efficiency and achieve your strategic business goals.

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Success Stories

P&R Electrical

P&R Electrical is a family-owned business that prides itself on quality and service. Founded in 1977, the business is now one of the largest independent electrical wholesale networks in Australia, operating 12 branches across South Australia’s regional and metropolitan areas servicing more than 3,000 customers


Womack Machine Supply

Womack Machine Supply Stays Ahead of the Competition with Epicor Prophet 21


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