From bulk foodstuffs to fresh produce, coffee and tea suppliers to tightly regulated distillers, the food and drink industry has unique business requirements such as:

  • fast product turnaround
  • highest product quality
  • lowest cost and zero waste
  • accurate regulatory compliance and traceability


Specifically designed for process manufacturers, Epicor Tropos helps accurately and cost-effectively manage their business, helping maximize growth and customer satisfaction while adapting to changing consumer demands. Process manufacturers have relied on Tropos since 1990.

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10 Top Trends Changing the UK Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage Solutions for These Industries

Baking Products

  • Maximized production visibility and control avoids short-shelf-life product wastage
  • Immediate production progress visibility by despatch time minimises despatch shortages

Fresh Food

  • Greater visibility of raw material in WIP to avoid material losses and over-issue
  • Allows planning and production by date code with rapid turnaround times

Processed Food

  • Immediate traceability information for past production batches
  • Automated traceability recording from shop floor scanners


  • Tighter management of by-products such as whey, for added sales opportunity
  • Accurately adjust processes to adapt to ever-variable yields
  • Adjusts recipes to compensate for variable quality ingredients


  • Improved visibility of what cuts are made from primal cuts to maximize use of residuals
  • Manages multiple co-products with relative sales value cost apportionment


  • Easily deliver customs and excise duty reporting
  • Case and Bulk Spirit management with inbuilt Revenue and Customs reporting

Food and Beverage Solutions


Built for the UK process manufacturing industry, Epicor Tropos blends seamlessly into the business to give tighter control of production and inventory.

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Success Stories

“Tropos allows us to easily analyze segments of our product portfolio for profitability. We can see the costs at a forensic level—something which we were previously unable to do—and this has led to some rationalisation in our offering. These were difficult decisions, but it isn't just about top-line growth. We needed to initially scale back to move forward.”

Ross Turner, Key Account Manager

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“Since we implemented Tropos, it has delivered exactly what we expected of it. It is a steady, easy-to-use, and robust system which is now as accepted as the water coming out of the tap. There is no better product fit for our sector.”

Mike Younger, Finance Director

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"There is no question that we've seen a return on our investment. Our business would not have grown to its current size without Tropos... It allows us to be more competitive in the market, gives us credibility with our clients, and enables us to run a profitable business.”

Phil Blakeman, Managing Director

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