Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Allied Products

Companies operating in the pharmaceutical, chemical and allied products industries are under continuous pressure to efficiently manage their day-to-day business while simultaneously coping with strategic issues, constant changes to regulations, competition and the globalization of their industry.

Verticals such as drugs and biotechnology, chemicals, cosmetics, paints, adhesives, crop protection, food production and beverage production must all reduce operational costs and improve customer service and order fulfillment performance.

Providing Solutions to Meet Your Business Challenges

Epicor® UK's fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) business solution minimizes duplicate entry, reconciliation and the need for integrationprojects. Epicor UK gives you a single point of access for all sales related data, manufacturing information, purchase records and quality documentation.

Epicor UK has worked closely with its customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and allied products industries to identify and bolster the following specific areas that require extra care due to regulations governing these industries:

  • Quality control
  • Batch traceability
  • Recall procedures
  • Bin management
  • Security and audit trails

These features have been embedded into Epicor UK's busines solution, delivering industry-specific capabilities on top of Epicor's award-winning platform, in the United Kingdom.