Electrical Distribution Software


As an electrical distributor, you work hard to meet customer demands and respond quickly to changing market conditions. With the right technology, you can gain a competitive edge and position your company for growth. Epicor electrical distribution software can help optimize your business processes to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Epicor solutions can help you:

  • Quickly process front counter orders
  • Manage special price agreements and vendor rebates
  • Optimize inventory and increase turns
  • Manage large commercial projects

Epicor Solutions for Electrical Distribution

Prophet 21

With Prophet 21, an easy-to-use ERP system can help boost productivity and profitability for suppliers of electrical products. Optimize your core processes for maximum efficiency and achieve your strategic business goals.


With increased competition and market pressures, now is a smart time for distributors to examine how to improve their margins.

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Discover why in today's competitive distribution marketplace, it’s more important than ever to make smart decisions about your inventory processes and purchasing habits.

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Strategies distributors can take to add value to their customers AND their bottom line.

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Take a look at the journey to digitalization, its benefits, and tools to help the process.

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Success Stories

“At Granite City Electric, we consider ourselves to be pretty innovative, but at the end of the day, if we could get every electrical distributor on this software, all of us would be more profitable!”

Gregory Smith
VP of Marketing

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“We wanted to go with a software package that our peers were utilizing to stay competitive and solve problems that are very specific to the electrical industry…Eclipse is a dominant solution in our industry.”

Rich Chadwick
Director of Organizational Improvement

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“We especially like the granularity of the Tax Connect technology and how it can map taxation in a very precise geographical layout...Everything is done in real time, so we get timely, accurate information.”

Lianne Martel
Director of Business Systems

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