Automotive Aftermarket Software

Epicor®, formerly Activant®, pioneered IT for the automotive aftermarket in the 1970s and is the only company that develops and delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions for each step in the aftermarket car parts supply chain including:

  • Enterprise Business Management Software—T-21
  • Electronic Auto Parts Catalogue Products—AutoCat+
  • Auto Parts Data & Connectivity Services—AConneX
  • Aftermarket Supply Chain Analytics

Auto Parts Electronic Catalog & Content

Epicor helps aftermarket manufacturers, auto parts warehouse and independent distributors, factors, parts retailers, and auto service and repair businesses with innovative solutions engineered to:

  • Increase parts sales and margins
  • Make smarter, faster inventory decisions
  • Boost sales and productivity with online orders
  • Reduce returns
  • Capitalise on the growing aftermarket in a down economy

Auto Parts Catalogue - AutoCat+

Autocat+ is a comprehensive electronic parts catalogue that enables you to quickly find all the components you need for any vehicle or application. As an automatically updated, web-driven catalogue, Autocat+ gathers component data from multiple suppliers, giving you instant access to the most up-to-date component specifications. The data is maintained through an automatic verification and standardisation process, facilitating easy product comparison. Web-based data retrieval also means you don’t have to rely on CD-based updates to access the latest product information.

The catalogue is simple to use, with intuitive selection and drill-down menus on a single screen. You can search for the components you need by product type, supplier or part number.

Learn more about the T-21 Business Management System.

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