Thousands of companies worldwide manufacture the sophisticated machines used in agriculture, mining, construction, power generation and oil and gas production. A commitment to technical innovation is essential to continued leadership in a competitive global marketplace. Epicor has the software solutions to help manage complex engineering requirements, ensure production efficiency, and meet or exceed customer expectations while keeping costs low.

  • Support lean manufacturing and automate business processes to reduce waste in the enterprise, resulting in reduced labor and material costs
  • Satisfy customer requirements, control costs, and improve processes with a robust quality management system
  • Track detailed cost estimates and capture actual costs throughout the life of the contract or project for comparison against the estimated costs
  • Integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), helps you control complex designs and specifications and minimize the impacts of engineering changes
  • Improve production management, review and update production plan as demand changes across your multi-site and global operations

Calibre Contracting Equipment: Advantages of Epicor Cloud ERP

Jenna Smolenski, CEO of Calibre Contracting Equipment, discusses the advantages of implementing Epicor Cloud ERP.

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Success Stories

“Epicor ERP has automated our processes and improved production planning thus helping us gain a competitive advantage.”

Vangelis Fanouriadi,
Co-Owner and Production Manager

Ensival Moret

“Epicor solutions has completely met our needs in an ERP system. Ultimately, we chose Epicor because of its vast experience in the manufacturing industry, high degree of scalability, outstanding customization and other unique advantages. We believe that Epicor ERP is the ideal solution that can help us to expand our business.”

Alain Seyeux
Managing Director