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Grow your sales, profits, and productivity with Epicor

More than a half-century of distribution experience has gone into the development of Epicor Prophet 21—a fit-for-purpose ERP solution for wholesale distributors. With deployment options in the cloud or on premises, Prophet 21 also helps keep distributors healthy and thriving—even as the competition heats up. Epicor gives you everything you need to:

  • Anticipate and deliver on shifting customer demands and preferences
  • Drive process efficiency and productivity
  • Customise your services and pricing and reduce repetitive reorder costs
  • Give people the tools to grow in and enjoy their jobs
  • Automate routine tasks with Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)

Epicor Prophet 21 Software Presentation

See in this 2-minute presentation all about Prophet 21 and how can it help your business.

Prophet 21 Technology


Deploy in the cloud or on premises, and keep your options open as the business evolves.

Web Enabled

Whether on the desktop or in the cloud, run Prophet 21 on any browser, from any device, anywhere in the world. 


Customize fields, personalize views, and enact your own business logic. Prophet 21 adapts to your needs—not the other way around. 


Understand the technological challenges facing your business, outline what’s needed for your growth strategy, and highlight the role digitalization plays.

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How disruptive technologies and megatrends will shape distribution 

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Epicor and Industrial Distribution help you understand the scope, impact, and advantages of moving your business system to the cloud.

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IoT is about collecting data not previously available. Learn how to use these insights and make decisions to achieve growth. 

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"We provide a superior value to our customer over our competitors, and I think Prophet 21 is the key to that."
Sterling Greni
Vice President of Operations | Midland Scientific