Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Epicor PLM

Today, economic success demands a high integration of business processes throughout the entire company. Information must be available anytime and anywhere. New requirements in the way of how information is managed must be met. Development and design documents must be made available for the entire product life cycle, from design to manufacturing, and thereafter, for access by service and sales departments. Epicor Product Lifecycle Management is the proven and practised solution for these tasks.

Product Lifecycle Management System

Epicor PLM is the product data management (PDM) system that supervises the entire process, the product life history. It interacts with project managers, engineers as well as employees in quality assurance. Foremost support is given to the design department. Epicor PLM provides all required functions for design management, including those for passing work results from the technical designers to the neighbouring departments. Workflow management, scan and plot management, as well as document viewing in large heterogeneous networks and over the Internet complete the range of powerful Epicor Product Lifecycle Management features employed. Most modern knowledge management solutions evolve from a comprehensive embedding of a consistent product data management. Our software meets all requirements for a comprehensive product lifecycle management.

Its modular structure makes Epicor PLM an extremely flexible instrument, which can easily be adapted to the unique requirements of your enterprise.

PLM Software Functionality

Epicor PLM software provides manufacturers with a comprehensive solution designed to optimize all phases of product development while integrating engineering and quality processes across the enterprise. Software functionality includes:

  • Bill of material (BOM) management to support single-level part formats that recognize the materials and components required to build end parts.
  • Multi-level BOM management incorporating single-level components and material requirements with internal and external routing steps for complete end assembly visibility, planning, scheduling, and costing.
  • Detailed routings that support planning, scheduling and costing products more efficiently.
  • Automatic communication of changes to plant floor with visibility of latest routing production details as well as standards and resource requirements.
  • Full engineering change control and management, multiple revision control of products, engineering workflow management, and detailed cost analysis of products during the engineering process.
  • Product Lifecycle Management offers a central knowledge repository for process and product history, with interfaces to numerous computer aided design (CAD) systems.
  • Flexible and accurate analysis of product costs on a customer-by-customer, part-by-part, and job-by-job basis.
  • On-the-fly configuration of highly customisable and dimensional products via a straightforward question and answer evaluation, accessible from quote, order, job, or work order entry.
  • Project Management allows for assignment of roles while managing any Tasks that require time phase management with escalation of responsibility. Parts and Documents are easily associated with Task management.
  • Process Management gives companies the ability to visualise their process in MS-Visio and import the process to Epicor PLM to create the Process Map. ECO, MPI, Engineer to Order are just a few examples of Processes that Epicor Product Lifecycle Management manages.

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