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Epicor ERP

Manufacturers can be more profitable, productive, and future-ready with this scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for manufacturing growth. 

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Epicor BisTrack

Epicor BisTrack is the UK’s leading construction supplier software, tailored to the unique needs of the building supply, manufacturing, and distribution industries.

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Epicor Prophet 21

Wholesale distributors can grow sales, improve margins, and increase productivity with an end-to-end business solution built on decades of distribution experience. 

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Epicor iScala

Epicor iScala is an affordable yet comprehensive suite of proven business solutions for small to midmarket enterprises, operating locally and globally.

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Epicor Tropos

Simplified recipe-based production that enables growth via integrated production visibility, supply, sales operations, and forecasting.

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ERP Solutions From Epicor Help Companies of All Sizes Grow

Global enterprises

  • Get better visibility into global business processes and supply chain
  • Gain efficiency with end-to-end integration
  • Make better decisions with better data
  • Raise the bar for quality and compliance
  • Improve global communication, collaboration and change management

Midsized businesses

  • Future-proof your technology initiatives
  • Build a more data-driven, organization
  • Raise the bar for quality and compliance
  • Improve cross-functional communication, collaboration and change management
  • Get better visibility into business processes and supply chain

Small businesses

  • Fit your budget
  • Minimize the need for IT
  • Connect with your customers and suppliers
  • Get up and running quickly

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems help companies manage and simplify their business processes by tying everything together under a single database and interface. When every department or location has its own software and data sources, efficiency suffers. Complicated processes drain time and money. Multiple databases create confusion and duplication. Lack of visibility makes it hard to find and fix problems. An ERP system connects employees with the information they need to support customers, processes, and projects more effectively.

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