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  • Corporate Statement Gender Pay 2019

Epicor Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Corporate Statement

Epicor Software (UK) Ltd operates in software market. With circa 4,500 employees across the globe, Epicor employs circa 250 staff in the UK across 3 main sites and the headquarters in Bracknell.

Epicor is an equal opportunities employer and it is reflected in our culture, core Values and operational processes in all our offices across the globe.

Our goal is to attract, select, develop and retain employees on the basis of skills, knowledge, ability, performance, and interest; and to foster an environment of diversity and inclusion in which all employees are valued.

We are committed to the government agenda of closing the gender pay gap and in doing so boosting the economy. We believe that reporting on the gender pay gap creates transparency and prompts organisations to act on the findings in a meaningful and effective manner.

Statutory Disclosure

The tables below show the overall median and mean gender pay gap, as well as gender bonus gap, based on hourly rates of pay of those employment on the snapshot date of 5th April 2019 in comparison with the same for 2018

Median %
Median %
Mean %
Mean %
Gender pay gap 15.57 11 19.17 23
Gender bonus gap 51.8 17.19 63.06 51.74

% of Female staff 2018 % of Female staff 2019 % of Male staff 2018 % of Male staff 2019
% of staff who received a bonus for the period of 6th April 2018 and 5th April 2019 compared to the same period in previous 12 months 81.53% 81.7% 87.88% 90%

Proportion of gender in each quartile band:

Quartile Female % 2018 Female % 2019 Male % 2018 Male % 2019
Upper 22.95 19.6 77.05 80.4
Upper Middle 21.67 25.45 78.00 74.55
Lower Middle 24.59 25.45 75.41 74.55
Lower 40 37.5 60 62.5

A guide to the figures


The average of a set of numbers. All numbers are added together and divided by the number of numbers put into the calculation.

The regulations require us to report the difference between the mean hourly rate of men compared to the mean hourly rate of women, expressed as a percentage of the men’s figure.


The middle value of a list of numbers. If the list has an odd number of entries, the median is middle entry after sorting the list into increasing order. If the list has an even number of entries, the median
is halfway between the two middle numbers after sorting. A median calculation is often thought to be more accurate than a mean calculation on the basis that it is less likely to be distorted by outlying

The regulations require us to report the difference between the median hourly rate for men compared to the median hourly rate for women, expressed as a percentage of the men’s figure.

Pay Quartiles

Rates of pay are placed into a list in order of value and the list is divided into four equal sections (quartiles). Each quartile will contain the same number of incumbents.

The regulations require us to report how many men and how many women are in each pay quartile, expressed as a percentage within each quartile.

Explanatory Notes

We are pleased to report the improvement in gender pay gap since 2019, which reflects key female appointments in 2017 – 2018 alongside other measures undertaken at Epicor to improve the way we attract and retain female talent. Those, among others, include a structure Career Journey tool and diversified recruitment process.

However, we recognize that despite some positive initial results, further work needs to be done to address the gender pay gap.

According to data sources, average female representation in our industry (technology & software) ranges between 17 and 25%. This imbalance in the industry is more prominent at managerial and leader level roles, with only approximately 12% of board positions in the industry being held by females. The gender split of the workforce of Epicor Software (UK) Ltd is generally reflective of those industry trends - with only 27% of our employees being female. We recognise that where organisations are represented predominantly by one gender, pay gaps can more easily arise and relatively small changes in the balance of gender can have a significant impact.

Encouraging more women to join Epicor, especially at senior levels remains a key focus for us and our action plan summarised below is reflective of this key objective.

Action Plan

We are committed to transparent and clear communication of the current position to all our stakeholders, including employees, prospective candidates, customers, clients and a wider audience. We believe that transparency will help us achieve the understanding of our message and drive positive change.

Our communication will focus on key differences between equal pay and gender pay gap and the specifics of gender pay gap in Epicor context. We will encourage positive dialogue and feedback to ensure that our action plan is as meaningful as it can be.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, our action plan looks at the entirety of the employee lifecycle.

Recruitment and selection

  • We plan to capitalise on the solid foundation of the current recruitment process by:
    - ensuring that our job advertisements are written in gender neutral such that they are equally attractive to male and female candidates to increase the number of female candidates;
    - ensuring that our interview processes facilitate candidates of both genders fully demonstrating their skills and experience to an equal degree;
    - pro-actively considering flexible working at the start of recruitment process and providing an indication of the flexible working availability for posts being advertised;
    - engaging with local schools, colleges and universities to promote careers in technology and software and raise awareness of Epicor brand.

Flexible working and family friendly policies

  • We plan to:
    - become an early adopter of the government proposal for extending flexible working offering for all positions starting from advertising stage;
    - review current family friendly policies to ensure that they encourage and facilitate our male employees undertaking caring responsibilities (thus contributing to creating a more balanced and equal society).

Learning & Development

  • We will create an Epicor Women Network as a method of raising awareness and knowledge of career opportunities, sharing learning and success stories and offering mentoring and coaching by female leaders in the business.
  • We are committed to tapping into internal and external talent by diversifying the approach to talent development, including:
    - Offering upskilling apprenticeship opportunities to both, internal and external candidates; 
    - Capitalising on our new Career Journey tool to create a solid individualized
    development framework.

And finally when addressing gender pay gap we promise not to overlook our male colleagues and create equal opportunities to thrive and be the best in our diverse community.

I confirm the data reported is accurate.



On behalf of Epicor Software UK Ltd
Andy Coussins
SVP – International



On Behalf of Epicor Software UK Ltd
Bernard Harrington
VP – Finance