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  • Corporate Statement Gender Pay 2019

Corporate Statement

Epicor is an equal opportunities employer and we reflect this in all of our practices.

At Epicor we embrace gender diversity, and recognise that doing so ensures that we attract the most talented people which enables our business to thrive.

We welcome the requirements on gender pay gap reporting and that acknowledge that reporting on gender pay is a positive step that helps organisations focus on achieving greater gender balance.


This report contains the statutory disclosure of the gender pay gap for Epicor Software UK Ltd, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. Under these regulations companies which employ 250 or more employees as at 5 April 2017 must report on:

  • The gender pay gap figures, being the difference between the hourly rate of pay of male employees and female employees, expressed as a percentage of the hourly pay rate of the male employees. The gender pay gap is required to be reported on both a mean (average) and median (mid-point of a distribution) basis;
  • The percentage of male and female employees in four pay quartiles;
  • The gender pay gap in relation to bonuses calculated on the basis of the bonuses paid in the 12-month period of 6 April 2016 to 5 April 2017 both as a median and mean average; and
  • The percentage of male and female employees who received a bonus in the aforementioned 12-month period.

Calculating the median requires taking all salaries in a sample, placing them in order from lowest to highest and taking the middle salary.

The mean figure is the overall average of the whole sample and can therefore be subject to the influences of an extremely high or low salaries at the top or bottom of the sample. In other words, the mean is much more subject to distorted figures by a small number of results which sit outside the usual range.

Epicor embraces the move to reporting the pay gap, and that it is a step towards greater transparency, and focusses the attention of organisations on narrowing and ultimately eradicating their gender pay gap. However, it is important to recognise that there are limitations to what these measurements can show. For example, these measurements do not show a like for like comparison of those in the same role, and it is clear that to achieve the most value from the exercise, careful analysis is required on the factors which underpin the gender pay gap in each organisation, so that a strategy can be devised to tackle those particular issues.

Please note that Equal Pay and Gender Pay Gap are not the same. The Gender Pay Gap is the difference between the gross hourly earnings for men and women across a UK organisation.

Equal pay is a requirement that men and women are paid the same for undertaking the same work or work of equal/equivalent value. It is a legal requirement and Epicor complies fully with its obligations in this regard.


The national average gender pay gap for 2017 when comparing all employees is 18.4% (as reflected by the ONS—the Office of National statistics calculated on a median basis.)

We acknowledge that the technology sector as a whole is one which has a greater challenge than some ahead of it to tackle issues of attracting and retaining female employees (a report compiled by Mercer has found that the high-tech sector has an average gender pay gap of 25% calculated on a median basis). This is a challenge we readily take on and we see our role in this as integral.

Statutory Disclosures

The tables below show the overall median and mean gender pay gap, as well as the gender bonus gap, based on hourly rates of pay of those employment on the snapshot date of 5 April 2017.

Median % Mean %
Gender pay gap 17.93 24.08
Gender bonus gap 30.41 63.06

Percentage of female employees Percentage of male employees
Percentage of employees who received a bonus for the period of 6 April 2016 to 5 April 2017 92% 87%

The table below sets out the proportion of females and males in each quartile band.

Proportion of gender in each quartile band:

Quartile Female % Male %
Upper 17.39 82.61
Upper Middle 17.65 82.35
Lower Middle 24.64 75.36
Lower 36.23 63.77

Explanatory Notes

The overall gender pay gap as at 5 April 2017 at Epicor UK is 17.93% on a median basis (24.08% using mean pay). This compares to the UK median of 18.4%.

The causes of a pay difference can be complex and arise from a number of factors, including differing levels of skills, market factors and working patterns. The analysis of our gender pay gap shows that the majority of the gap has arisen because we have a smaller proportion of women in leadership and senior roles within our organisation.

The Company recognises there is a disparity between the number of men and women who work within the industry and we are actively working to address this as part of our hiring practice within 2018. Epicor however will always ensure employment vacancies are fulfilled by the individual who has the skills and experience to undertake the role.

Epicor has gender equality firmly on the agenda and in 2017/2018 has made a number of important female hires at a senior level within our HR, Marketing, Legal and Product Development teams.

Epicor seeks to ensure that it's practices and benefits encourage both female and male applicants and the retention of these employees:

  • Epicor has objective pay review and bonus processes which are increasingly linked to performance and which are subject to a number of levels of independent review;
  • Epicor offers equal opportunities to all employees and has objective recruitment and promotion processes;
  • We operate flexible working both informally and formally where possible, this can centre on change to working hours to accommodate outside commitments, in additional working from home is available to support home commitments and appointments required for children;
  • As a global organisation Epicor is part of the Getting Women into Business initiative, and the business is reviewing available local initiatives;
  • As an organisation we actively promote our Equal Pay and Dignity at Work policy which focuses on ensuring discrimination is excluded from the organisation, in terms of pay, opportunities and all employees are treated with dignity and respect.

Our Strategy

Epicor is committed to contributing to the solution of eradicating the gender pay gap and takes its role in this challenge seriously. As part of this we are:

  • Reviewing our policies and practices with a view to making improvements to further encourage the recruitment and retention of women;
  • Continuing to build on the progress achieved in recruiting women to senior positions and positions of influence within the business;
  • Taking steps to further enhance the inclusive culture within our organisation; and
  • Recognising those who take an active role in supporting the business in achieving its goal of eradicating the gender pay gap.

I confirm the data reported is accurate.


On behalf of Epicor Software UK Ltd
Sabby Gill
EVP – International 


On Behalf of Epicor Software UK Ltd
Bernard Harrington
VP – Finance

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