Epicor Document Management Information Kit

Did you know that Americans discard four million tons of office paper every year and that one ton of office paper equals 24 trees? Furthermore, did you know that the cost of handling, filing and retrieving a single paper document can cost upwards of $360 a year?

When examining typical business processes, paperwork has often been identified as a major bottleneck. Whether it is the storage, retrieval or processing of paperwork, having instant access and visibility to these important documents has been shown to increase workplace efficiencies significantly.

The environmental and financial impact of paper in the workplace is astounding, but there is a solution that has proven to both reduce the amount of paper consumption while increasing workplace efficiencies, ultimately leading to overall operating cost reduction.

Explore the Epicor Document Management Information Kit to learn how to automate and help eliminate the need for printing business documents.

Learn how to go paperless to automate and streamline business processes.

Configure Smart Forms quickly without custom development to save costs.

See how Truliant Federal Credit Union automates AP process and improves vendor relationships.

Learn how you can improve your financial planning with doc-link.

Explore your Epicor Document Management Information Kit and discover how you can:

 Dramatically reduce the cost of moving, storing, and retrieving documents. 
 Get full visibility of documents throughout approval processes. 
 Automate distribution of printed documents and forms internally and externally. 
 Provide time saving instant retrieval of documents right from the desktop.

 Reduce data entry through integration with your Epicor ERP. 
 Improve compliance, audit capabilities, and continuity of business. 
 Minimize or eliminate the need for extensive photocopying. 
 Demonstrate your company’s commitment to going green.

On-Demand Webcast Series

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Epicor Document Management is available for Epicor E4SE, Epicor Eagle, Epicor Enterprise, Epicor ERP, Epicor iScala, Epicor Prophet 21, Epicor Vantage, and Epicor Vista.

Customer Success Story

Central Parking Corporation

“doc-link is a fabulous tool that provides us greater financial controls and eliminates the paper processing bottlenecks that slowed us down in the past.”

- Valerie Shoulders
Accounting Manager

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