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The Impact of Paper Records on a Retailer

[Following on from The Impact of Paper Records on a Food Producer]

Retailers are the face of food quality to the consumer. We all remember a product being removed from a shelf in a supermarket and the newspaper headlines from a major recall. Do we remember the producer's name? The answer is most likely not.

The Impact of Paper Records on a RetailerSo retailers are continuously checking and auditing their food suppliers. Although, with the number of product lines now stocked it is an almost impossible task. Therefore, they have to rely on the competence of their supply chain. This is why producers are so heavily fined and can be excluded if they fail to deliver. It is a supply chain run by fear of consequence.

A retailer's reaction to a faulty product is often swift and decisive. If a product cannot be tracked down to an individual batch then all of that producer's products are simply removed from the shelves. It doesn't stop there. The producer then has to re-stock at their cost, pay fines for lost revenues and potentially suffer the indignation of being on the list of poor suppliers emblazoned on screens in the foyers head offices at some of the large retailers.

In my next blog post, I will examine the impact of paper records on a consumer.

Posted by Colin Elkins, Principal Solution Engineer for Epicor Tropos

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