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5 Tips for a Smooth Epicor Kinetic Upgrade

Software upgrades don’t have to be complicated. In fact, they should be easy! No one wants to spend time and effort just upgrading computer software. We live in a world where we expect our software to update on a regular basis to get the best functionality, so why should this be different for your ERP solution? That’s why Epicor has put together this handy little list of five tips for making your Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) upgrade as smooth as possible.

1. Plan Ahead

Identifying what you need out of your system is the first step to upgrading successfully. For some, this means taking a hard look at existing customisations to understand what needs to get upgraded, what is being replaced by new functionality or a new module purchase, and what can be left behind as we move forward.

It’s also important to build a team of stakeholders from across your organization that will execute each upgrade. Internal champions are vital to a successful upgrade. This team will also help to generate greater employee buy-in and can assist other staff members in getting up to speed with the new platform.

2. Make Use of the Documentation

There are lots of tools at your disposal to help with an ERP upgrade. We’ve been helping customers through upgrades for years, and we’ve distilled that knowledge down into documentation and various learning tools.

We know that there can be certain nuances to a successful upgrade, and we’ve included everything you need to know into our documentation. We’ll let you know what to expect during the planning process—and before starting the upgrade—and we can help you through any issues you might have.

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3. Understand and Use Our Three-Stage Approach

Our Three-Stage Approach—available from Epicor Professional Services or an Epicor partner—is an extension of our upgrade documentation. With this approach, we provide all the checklists, data fixes, and tools you need for a successful upgrade. We also know that different customers have different technical capabilities, so we’re flexible and willing to work with you.

Additionally, this isn’t just a way to upgrade from older versions. This tooling can be used to keep you on the latest version of Kinetic or simply ensure you’re more technically adept.

4. Run the Analyzer Before and After You Upgrade

The Analyzer is a tool Epicor has developed to help our customers understand the scope of their upgrade. It reports on your system environment and key data trends and outlines all customisations to your current system. Running the Analyzer before your upgrade enables you to document what you’re upgrading and understand any complications that might arise if your upgrade is more extensive.

It’s also smart to run the Analyzer after the upgrade so you know your system configuration and makeup. This ensures you can more easily hit the ground running once you’ve completed the upgrade process.

5. Invest in Employee Adoption

When upgrading your software and implementing new functionality, you can hope for the best and simply assume your employees will figure it out, or you can be proactive and invest in employee learning.

Training all affected employees on new functionality and changes in workflow will inherently strengthen the value of your Kinetic system. You can access this training through Epicor University—our comprehensive suite of training tools that consist of everything from documentation and manuals to short videos and training courses. Many of these online training tools are available free to our customers and can be easily accessed at the start of your upgrade project.

Of course, these five tips are only scratching the surface. Over the years, we’ve handled our fair share of upgrades, so we know what works best. Hundreds of customer upgrades have helped us create our upgrade methodology, and you can benefit even more from this expertise when you engage our professional services team, an Epicor partner, or use our upgrade tools.

To learn more about how Epicor can help make your upgrade easier, check out this infographic.

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