Welding Industries Malaysia

Founded by seven Leong brothers in 1972, Welding Industries Malaysia (WIM) has become the only local company in Malaysia that manufactures welding machines for use by industries after surviving the onslaught of the 1997/98 financial crisis and tough competition from local operators and China. WIM has an on-going commitment to produce high quality welding products and services.

WIM also provides after-sales service, and training to technicians of buyers and technical school students. The company is proud to be at the forefront of the welding industry, their commitment to originality and innovative technology ensures that growth to date will be more than matched by future achievements.

"Epicor stood out with its ability to link to our operations and provide the data we needed."

Mr. Keng Foon Leong
General Manager | Welding Industries Malaysia

WIM also provides "Total Welding Solutions", which includes MMA, MIG, TIG, spot welding, plasma cutting, plasma welding, and robotic welding automation.

Business Challenge

Prior to implementing Epicor, WIM was using a local materials requirement planning (MRP) system. The company required a more comprehensive system to support their operations and provide information using real-time data.

Mr. Keng Foon Leong, General Manager, WIM, explains the company's requirement for a more advanced system. "The local MRP system had the manufacturing modules but it couldn't manage huge data. We do everything ourselves, from the raw materials through to the final assembly of the machines we are making. We have many sections in our company and we required a more comprehensive system to manage a large amount of data."

"We are a machinery assembly company so the manufacturing modules, particularly materials management, are very important to our business. We could not see our material movement on our previous system and we couldn't see how much material we needed to utilise before our final assembly."


Epicor Manufacturing ERP solution is comprehensive manufacturing management software that enables manufacturers to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor their entire manufacturing process.

Embracing the latest in technology and built on a single unified data model, Epicor Manufacturing Production Software provides a real-time, accurate view of your manufacturing process so you can proactively manage your operations with confidence. Embedded business process management provides the flexibility you need to do business the way you want to do it.

Epicor material requirements planning (MRP) software and manufacturing software are part of a comprehensive solution portfolio that monitors a company's entire manufacturing business.


WIM has been using Epicor for four and half years and has experienced many benefits including improved visibility, increased cost savings and an ability to support management's decisionmaking process with accurate live data.

"We reviewed a number of ERP vendors. We looked at each system and its functionality. Epicor stood out with its ability to link to our operations and provide the data we needed. Searching for information is easy. When we need information it pops right up onto the screen and saves us a lot of time. Epicor has increased the visibility across our entire business," said Leong.

From raw materials to final product, Epicor for Manufacturing and MRP software provides a greater level of flexibility and agility. Mr. Leong explains, "Epicor provides us with greater visibility over our material movement and having an advanced MRP system within a comprehensive solution like Epicor is very important to the business."

Mr. Leong also lists the ability to support management's decisionmaking processes with verified live data as a key benefit of the Epicor ERP solution. The system enables WIM to validate the company's spend and investment and support their decisions with accurate upto- date information.

"Epicor has helped us to save money because we can make business decisions more clearly. We know that the data is accurate and the reports are correct. We can call on the Epicor system to support our decision-making process and let us make decisions faster and justify our spend."

Company Facts

Location: Malaysia

Industry: Manufacturing

Web site: www.wim.com.my


WIM required an advanced ERP system that could provide support for the company's manufacturing processes and manage a huge amount of data


Epicor Manufacturing ERP 


  • Improved visibility over operations
  • Increased cost savings
  • Ability to support management's decision making processes
  • Accurate live data

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