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Symmetry Medical Asia, located on the Penang island of Malaysia, serves as the Asia-Pacifi c regional headquarters for Symmetry Medical, Inc. Symmetry is a leading independent provider of implants, instruments, and cases for the orthopaedic device industry. Symmetry also designs, develops and produces these products for companies in other segments of the medical device market, including arthroscopy, dental, laparoscopy, osteobiologic and endoscopy sectors and provides limited specialized products and services to non-healthcare markets, such as the aerospace market.

"Epicor covers all the areas and I believe working with up-to-date live information is how our employees can work successfully with each other."

Ms Chooi Yin Yu
IT Manager | Symmetry Medical Malaysia

Symmetry Medical Asia offers customers complete manufacturing of implants, instruments, cases and trays, and sterilization containers to global customers in the Asia region, U.S. and Europe. In 2007, Symmetry announced a $20 million investment to expand its Malaysian operations by increasing manufacturing, design and development capabilities. Symmetry also moved its existing case facility to a larger, new 80,000 square foot facility on Penang Island which enables instrument production and implant fi nishing. The facility also houses the regional design and development center together with a regional logistics operation.

Symmetry has over 200 employees based in Penang, Malaysia.

Business Challenge

Symmetry required a system that would allow them to move from running independent stand alone manufacturing units toward multiple, interconnected units.

Prior to implementing Epicor ERP in 2008, Symmetry used a number of smaller customised software packages that did not possess the functionality of a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. With additional investments made in the company's Malaysian operations, Symmetry required an advanced ERP solution that would provide a smooth implementation and easy usability across a range of departments.

Following continued investment and steady growth in Malaysia, Symmetry migrated from Vantage to the Epicor (Enterprise Edition) in 2011. Ms Chooi Yin Yu, IT Manager, Symmetry Medical Malaysia said "The Epicor solution was quite easy for us to implement, as was the data conversion."

Symmetry has recently upgraded to the latest version of the Epicor (Enterprise Edition).


Symmetry uses a range of modules across a number of departments. Epicor ERP supports the company's operations by providing employees with live data across Material Management, Production Management, Order Management and Financial Management modules, as well as a host of basic and bridging modules.

Ms Yu said, "Epicor offers quality modules and supports our manufacturing and MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Epicor covers all the areas with up-to-date information and live data."

The company also uses Epicor Procurement Management and Epicor Planning and Scheduling, a comprehensive solution for forecasting, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and advanced planning and scheduling. The system supports complex processes that require project management and resource management capabilities, providing Symmetry with increased operational visibility.


The strong functionality and easy usability of the Epicor solution have proven benefi cial to Symmetry's employees. "Epicor covers all the areas and I believe working with up-to-date live information is how our employees can work successfully with each other. The best thing about using Epicor is it is straightforward. The setup and general operations are convenient for everyone," said Yu.

"Production management in particular is one of the biggest benefi ts of Epicor. The production time and attendance functionality is very helpful."

Symmetry's use of Epicor Dashboards and analytics tools provides another benefi t, as well as Business Activity (BAQ) Reports that personalize Symmetry's system to create reports that specify to how the company operates.

"Management can analyse information directly. Live data allows for better order material costing and better production costs providing us with on-time information," Ms Yu concludes.

Company Facts


  • Symmetry Medical Malaysia required an ERP system with an ability to schedule and execute manufacturing operations


  • Epicor Manufacturing ERP solution is comprehensive manufacturing management software that enables manufacturers to plan, schedule, execute and monitor their entire manufacturing process


  • Broad functionality with easy usability
  • Multiple, interconnected units
  • Increased visibility over operations with up-to-date information by leveraging a real-time solution

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