Karangkraf Media Group

Karangkraf Media Group (Karangkraf) is the largest and one of the most successful bumiputera-owned publishers in Malaysia. The publisher started up in 1978, when founder Dato' (Dr.) Hussamuddin Bin Hj. Yaacub established a small publishing business and produced his first publication: Mingguan Kanak-kanak.

Now, with precision and perseverance, the company has established its reputation as the undisputed leader in a challenging and evolving media industry, housing four key business groups and 20 magazine titles, and acting as the home to the fastest growing Malay daily, Sinar Harian.

"Karangkraf Media Group is expanding, and we are glad to utilise the Epicor ERP solution to complement our expanding business needs."

Syamil Fahim Bin Mohamed Fahim chief operating officer

“Although Masterprint was designed for the printing industry, we found it unsuitable for our business needs as it was too rigid to suit our business here in Malaysia,” says Syamil Fahim Bin Mohamed Fahim, chief operating officer for Karangkraf Media Group Sdn Bhd.

As the company continued to expand, the system became increasingly irrelevant. With this in mind, Karangkraf decided to stop using the system and instead operated manually without any computerisation. After working out that keeping data manually is a tedious and ineffective task, Karangkraf then implemented a home-grown system developed by their in-house IT team.

Though they were able to tailor it to their specific needs, the home-grown system soon created new challenges and left many gaps within the organisation. The company was faced with a lack of access to business data as each department was inputting data differently, often duplicating important figures, resulting in the departments being out of sync. It was a huge challenge to resolve this issue as the IT personnel couldn't understand the challenges and issues of the on-ground staff in its large printing department.

As Ultimate Printing, Karangkraf's business flourished from a RM10 million company to an RM200 million company, its management team decided they needed to raise their business procedure standards. With this in mind, Karangkraf began to search for an ERP system that would enable them to adhere to a higher level of operational standard.

Karangkraf opted for the Epicor ERP solution because they felt it was best placed to deliver efficiency, reliability, mobility, and costeffectiveness through its user-friendly interface.

With a more efficient and disciplined business management system in place, Karangkraf's Ultimate Print can now configure business processes accurately at just a push of a button. Business data is now organised with utmost consistency and can easily be accessed anytime. A few months after implementing Epicor ERP software, the company calculated that they had saved the equivalent of 50 working days when it came to compiling and analysing data, and about RM80,000 compared to their inhouse system.

Syamil explains, We are now empowered with the tools to enable us to make precise and well-informed decisions and access real-time data from all three departments both on-site and on mobile devices.”

The user-friendly and neat interface of Epicor ERP enables the company to input data more accurately and consistently. The calculation method used is suitable for the printing industry needs. This promotes accuracy and reliability as compared to previous systems.

Rohaidah Zolkefli, manager for the logistics and ERP department for Ultimate Print says, “The ERP system also helps our staff be more disciplined when it comes to ensuring that all information is standardised and in line with the industry's requirements. We now have better control of our remote branches in Shah Alam, Penang, and Kota Bharu, as they can easily sync all data configuration and admissions.”

Syamil concludes, “After the acclimatisation period, we will look to implement modules such as business intelligence and analytics as we have seen huge gains in this one business division in a short period of time. Karangkraf Media Group is expanding, and we are glad to utilise the Epicor ERP solution to complement our expanding business needs.”

Company Facts


  • Previous system had become too rigid and couldn't support company growth
  • Home-grown system could no longer support the company's need for flexible business processes
  • Lack of access to relevant business data
  • Data duplication had become a major issue 


  • Epicor ERP


  • Saved the equivalent of 50 man-days after organising internal business data
  • User-friendly interface increased ease of data entry and access
  • Data synching across several branches enables improved management and enhances decision-making
  • Supports printing industry requirements

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