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Southco Manufacturing uses Epicor Advanced MES (Mattec) to improve production planning, equipment optimization, and increase overall productivity across product lines.

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Success Stories

“While we always had good quality control, what we didn’t have was statistical process control. Now we can track critical data like temperature and pressure and tune our manufacturing process to make sure that every part is good. The system gives us the ability to achieve high yield and complete consistency.”

Tony Ryder
Injection Molding Manager

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"Epicor ERP is already providing us with cost savings through seamless workflows and integrated business processes. Customer service levels have gone up and we have been able to reduce wait times."

Ruvesh Remduth
Finance Manager

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"With the introduction of Epicor ERP to the business, we've not only achieved integration and consolidation of our previously disparate processes, but we have also gained better operational and real-time process control, asset integrity management, traceability, and agility."

Saymaad Mansoor
Head of IT

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Learn how cloud implementation can improve cash flow, simplify processes, and increase business capabilities.

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Learn how to find an ERP system that solves problems instead of creating them.

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Learn why investing in better business intelligence tools is critical to your success.

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This in-depth article will introduce you to the concept of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and explain how it can help your business.

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Learn how the right ERP system can help simplify the changing business of manufacturing.

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Bringing in a new ERP system is a significant change initiative. Consider this structured approach to managing the change successfully.

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Listen as Epicor CIO Rich Murr, Peak Toolworks VP, IT Ryan King, and Epicor VP of Global Product Marketing Terri Hiskey share what has changed and what part has technology played in the ability to adapt and respond during this time.

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Principal product manager Andrew Robling discusses the factory of the future—including real-world IoT and cyber-physical applications.

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