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Epicor Announces Cloud-First Strategy for Asia to Enable Companies to Free-up Valuable Resources and Focus on Growth

Singapore, March 08, 2016

Epicor to Utilize Microsoft Azure in Its Move to Lead with Cloud Deployments for Epicor ERP in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore

As more manufacturers in Asia are looking to leverage post-modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) concepts to move faster, work smarter and grow business, Epicor® Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced its new cloud-first strategy for Epicor ERP deployments in Asia.

Epicor has made it easy for organizations to utilize the cloud to take advantage of a new cloud-first era of service delivery and flexibility, where ERP is delivered as a service and accompanied by value-added services to ensure scalability, security and business continuity. Building on the momentum of its successful move of hundreds of multi-tenant Epicor cloud customers to the new Epicor ERP 10.1 release last quarter, Epicor is now expanding its global cloud footprint in Asia. Epicor has chosen the Microsoft Azure Datacenter in Singapore to support new cloud deployments in Asia -- starting with Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

“Our cloud ERP takes the burden of system and infrastructure management from our customers, freeing up their valuable resources to focus on business growth,” said Joe Cowan, president and chief executive officer, Epicor. “And now, the time is right to go all in with our cloud-first focus in Asia -- a market with manufacturers ready to embrace the cloud to modernize their business operations. Our true multi-tenant Epicor Cloud ERP solution, extensive manufacturing functionality, knowledge and expertise, as well as our global presence are welcomed by organizations that don’t want to be forced to sacrifice in making the move to cloud.”

Epicor Cloud ERP facilitates the collaborative nature of manufacturing across the entire supply chain, in a market that has rapidly maturing manufacturing environments and a workforce and culture that has embraced mobility and connectivity -- now ready to revolutionize business processes.

Manufacturers in Asia Poised to Embrace Cloud-First

Epicor’s 40+ years of manufacturing best practices experience, the breadth and depth of its manufacturing and supply chain functionality make it the ideal offering for manufacturers in Asia who have complex organizational structures with multiple plants and locations that can be standardized on Epicor Cloud ERP -- delivering transparency and visibility across the entire business.

Kimberly Knickle, Research Vice President, IDC Manufacturing Insights notes the transition to “cloud also” or “cloud first” is well under way for manufacturers around the globe. “Regionally, Asia Pacific demonstrates the strongest adoption rates of public cloud for more than two small applications. We believe these numbers reflect the fact that manufacturers that are expanding in emerging markets in Asia/Pacific prioritize rapid acceleration. Cloud computing offers a way to ‘turn on’ a factory with minimal IT staff onsite and facilitate communication and coordination with headquarters or other plants or offices located thousands of miles away"  

Epicor Cloud ERP Deployed Via Microsoft Azure Datacenter

Epicor is initially utilizing the Microsoft Azure Datacenter based in Singapore to support Epicor Cloud ERP deployments in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore -- with plans to extend its cloud-first strategy into China and beyond.  Today, Microsoft Azure is available in 140 countries, including China, and supports 10 languages and 24 currencies, all backed by Microsoft's $15 billion (USD) investment in global datacenter infrastructure.

“We are thrilled that Epicor has chosen to launch its Epicor Cloud ERP offering to Asian manufacturers utilizing Microsoft Azure,” said Caglayan Arkan, General Manager, Manufacturing & Resources at Microsoft. “In the mobile-first, cloud-first world that we live in, where everyone is always connected and the pace of businesses continues to accelerate, Epicor is enabling manufacturers across the globe with solutions like Epicor Cloud ERP, to keep pace with change and grow their businesses.”

Flexible Foundation for Growth

The award-winning Epicor ERP boasts a flexible business architecture built for multitenancy that is ideal for cloud deployments. Epicor gives businesses the ability to grow with the system however deployed -- multitenant, single tenant, or on premises -- a unique value proposition because it’s the same code base regardless of how a company decides to deploy the solution. Epicor Cloud ERP is available now to new and existing customers in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.  For more information on Epicor Cloud ERP, please call +65 6333 8121 or email asiamarketing@epicor.com.