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Epicor Recognized by Enterprise Innovation Awards in Asia for ‘Best ERP Solution’

We are delighted to announce that Epicor has been awarded 'Best ERP Solution' at the latest Enterprise Innovation Awards!

The annual Enterprise Innovation Awards honors companies that are both users and providers of technology for their ability to innovate and deliver outcomes that consist of business results as well as game-changing capabilities. Being recognized as the Best ERP Solutions provider reaffirms Epicor as an innovator and technological leader in the ERP space, with a track record in innovation for customers in Asia.

Epicor Software Recognized by Enterprise Innovation Awards in Asia for Best ERP SolutionDriving business growth is a key goal for Epicor. While growth is a top objective for manufacturers today, we understand that they're also concerned about their ability to manage it. Business leaders know that they need to grow in order to keep up with customer and market demands and stay ahead of their competitors. However, they also know that growth can present risks that many organizations may not be prepared to handle.

Successfully navigating the challenges of growth in order to reap its rewards is entirely possible when you have an ERP solution that fits your business. An agile, scalable, easy-to-use ERP solution such as Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) can help you grow your business faster and more profitably, by enabling you to leverage new means of visualizing, interacting and consuming information to provide actionable insights to the whole organization-focused on driving new growth.

We are extremely honored to be recognized for our innovative technology and commitment to providing the best ERP technology platform for business visibility and growth. We also extend our appreciation to our Asian customers, who have supported and believed in our ability and technology to help achieve tangible benefits, enhance productivity, and deliver innovative products.

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