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Saudi Mechanical Industries

Epicor ERP supports Saudi Mechanical Industries through expansion

Saudi Mechanical Industries (SMI) is a leading manufacturer with a diverse portfolio spanning 30 years. SMI specializes in fluid flow and control equipment, particularly vertical turbine pumps as well as steel and bronze bars. The company supplies Saudi blue-chip companies in sectors ranging from oil and gas and agribusiness, to infrastructure and mining. The company has developed a strong client base within the region and internationally, supplying to companies such as Al Marai-the biggest dairy producer in the Gulf, and Nadec-one of the leading food, dairy, and beverage companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

“Epicor has completely met our needs for an ERP system. Ultimately, we chose Epicor because of their vast experience in the manufacturing industry, its high degree of scalability, outstanding customization, and other unique advantages. We believe that Epicor ERP [Kinetic] is the ideal solution that can help us to expand our business.”

Audeh Awartani
MIS and process improvement manager

SMI manages a comprehensive production chain that incorporates design, engineering, casting, assembly, testing, distribution, installation, and maintenance-enabling them to offer an end-to-end service.

Overcoming challenges

In line with their continued business expansion, in 2015 SMI began exploring potential upgrades to their ERP system. The company's objective was to implement a system that would result in a more streamlined manufacturing process, reduce time, and further enhance productivity. They required a more dynamic ERP system that would suit their new requirements as an expanding business.

Audeh Awartani, MIS and process improvement manager for Saudi Mechanical Industries, said, “Over the last 10 years, we have relied on the Epicor iScala ERP software as a vital part of our manufacturing operations. While the system proved to be reliable, we felt it was time to upgrade to a more modern solution to support our continued growth plans.”

In addition, SMI were looking to further automate its processes and implement a more efficient reporting system. While Epicor iScala was working well for SMI, as the company grew it required a setup that would help manage accounts with greater efficiency, and support material and production planning.

Supporting expansion

SMI is in the process of expanding its global network by adding a number of factories to its portfolio, which is why it needed a more sophisticated system that would allow it to competently consolidate and integrate processes across its sites. With this in mind, the company turned to Epicor to upgrade their existing system in order to manage increasing amounts of data across the supply-chain more effectively, whilst accessing it all in real time.

Awartani said, “We previously had a wonderful experience with Epicor iScala, and were satisfied with its functionality. We wanted something tried and tested as we moved forward with our expansion plans, so we decided to continue working with Epicor and adopt the most suitable software solution that would improve our operations.”

iScala had originally been implemented to reinforce the company's main functions, such as finance, warehouse, inventory, and service management applications. The latest Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic) solution managed all of this and also introduced additional functionality. The new software helped track finance reports, manage inventory and purchasing and sales orders across the sites-proving to be successful in augmenting supply chain operations.

Reduced operational costs

Following the implementation of Epicor ERP in September 2015, SMI experienced an overall reduction in its operational costs while maintaining the same high standards across all functions. The company increased productivity and improved its customer relations by using real-time data to reduce the time between when a customer places an order and when the order is shipped. The automatic planning and scheduling system also helped to maximize the output of existing equipment and enabled employees to easily access real-time information, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Having this increased visibility of data greatly enhanced inventory control as the businesses gained a better understanding of its current capacity, and how it can maximize capacity with current resources.

“We would like to commend Epicor for its consistency over the years. It has been a major partner and ally of the company over the past 10 years as we have continued to grow. Epicor has played a vital role in helping us streamline operations and focus on delivering a high level of customer service. When we decided to upgrade our system, it was no question that we would continue to work with Epicor. We have placed our complete trust in Epicor solutions and we would recommend it to any business looking to enhance their productivity and prepare them for growth,” said Awartani.

Epicor ERP has significantly improved the operations of SMI, which is particularly reflected in the company's enhanced manufacturing processes, increased sales, better quality control, and finance facilities. SMI has also greatly benefited from being able to consolidate its users into one uniform application. This feature has facilitated the workflow of all departments as they can each access accurate and real-time transaction data. The system effectively integrated SMI with its business partners, locally and internationally, allowing the management team to focus on driving business growth and introducing new products.

“We have built a wonderful working relationship with Epicor. In fact, Epicor software has proven its value over the years by successfully consolidating and integrating three of SMI's major factories. We will continue to work with Epicor as we expand the business and establish new factories in the near future,” concluded Awartani.

Epicor ERP is the backbone of SMI's core business and seamlessly integrates operations between different departments and its functional online reporting system feature. By being able to link all the branches in one system, SMI was able to successfully monitor its operations and provide customers with unparalleled services resulting in exponential growth over the years.

Company Facts

Name: Saudi Mechanical Industries
Company Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Industry: Manufacturing


  • Old system no longer fulfilled the growing needs of the company
  • Expansion called for a more dynamic ERP system
  • Looking to automate processes
  • Require superior reporting to facilitate strategic decision making


Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic)


  • Reduced cost and increased profitability
  • System has helped manage sales leads
  • Reports created with ease using real-time data to facilitate informed decision making
  • Facilitates growth and expansion

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