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Zeag Professional Parking Solutions Delivers World-Class Service

The Zeag Group is part of the FAAC Group of Companies and is a leading international provider of parking systems. With a history spanning more than 45 years, Zeag develops, produces, distributes, and integrates innovative parking solutions manufactured in Switzerland to extremely high standards. Product availability, service, and support is guaranteed by Zeag's subsidiary companies located in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, and USA, followed by a worldwide network of distributors. With over 5,000 sites worldwide, the Zeag Group shows an impressive customer base ranging from small car parks with 50 spaces to fully networked airport
facilities with over 10,000 spaces. These include some of the largest airports, medical facilities, shopping malls, hotels, office complexes, and parking facilities in the world.

"Epicor ITSM enables us to meet all of our customer's detailed reporting requirements and effectively manage service calls to ensure our customers enjoy world-class service."

Craig Cockburn
Chief Executive Officer | Zeag

Zeag (SA) (Pty) Ltd is the Southern African subsidiary of the Zeag Group serving the Southern African parking market by supplying adaptive solutions for car parks and related applications. These include Airports Company of South Africa ACSA and Investec, which accommodate thousands of visitors. With a varied parking product offering such as: parking systems, variable message signs, CCTV, LPR, intercoms, and bay monitoring, Zeag offers turnkey parking solutions designed to meet each customer's unique requirements.

Parking reporting is complicated

Parking is very complicated when it comes to reporting. Each customer has very specific requirements when it comes to the type of reports that they need. Added to this is each customer's need for a variety of reports so that each area of their business can extract relevant data.

Zeag's parking solutions offer a closed loop system because visitors must enter and then exit the venue with a parking ticket. This makes parking data key to many areas of a business. For example, the operations department requires a report that details the performance, reliability, status and warranty details of their parking equipment. Then the marketing department of a shopping mall requires data on the dwell time of shoppers so that they can monitor the success of mall activities. The reports provided by Zeag are therefore the only true reflection of the number of visitors to the mall and their dwell time.

Parking can also be very frustrating for visitors if they experience problems with equipment such as pay stations or booms. Their experience of a venue is measured by their parking experience because it's their first and last impression of a facility. It is therefore very important that Zeag is able to show its customers how reliable and effective its systems are. Without this it's almost impossible to maintain good customer relationships and prove the value of their product and service offering.

A proven ERP system is a necessity

Zeag's success in South Africa meant that they faced a growing need for an ERP solution that offered accurate reporting to support its world class range of parking solutions. Microsoft Excel was proving to be too limited for Zeag's growing customer base and their customer's detailed reporting requirements.

"We realized that we needed an international solution from a Microsoft certified partner that offers detailed, scalable reporting capabilities," said Craig Cockburn, CEO of Zeag (SA) (Pty) Ltd.

Epicor ITSM proved to be the best solution for Zeag because it offers a flexible reporting system that is comprehensive, intuitive, flexible and scalable. It is able to log faults and manage their progress from start to finish. The system also keeps the customer informed about the status of a problem with reference numbers and notifies them as soon as a fault is resolved.

The choice was simple

After a friend recommended Epicor, Zeag approached New Era Solutions, an Epicor value added reseller, to implement a system that met all of its management and reporting requirements. New ERA Solutions specializes in integrated and customisable IT solutions in partnership with global specialists in enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), customer relationship management (CRM) and mobility, offering a single-source solution.

"New Era Solutions know Epicor ITSM inside out. They are extremely supportive and offer outstanding support, on- and offsite. This included adding new reports and tailoring existing ones," said Cockburn.

"The professionalism of the New Era Solutions team made the installation process simple and the transition to the new system painless."

Managing the support team

Part of Zeag's service offering is its dedicated support team that attends to technical problems. Epicor ITSM manages the entire process from when a call is logged to when it is resolved with the following key processes: 

  • Proactive and reactive support calls are officially logged using Epicor ITSM 
  • The support call is then assigned to a technician who receives a text notification with: the service ticket number, customer's details and a summary of the call. This ensures clarity of responsibilities for all technicians 
  • Technicians and customers with e-mail access will receive a copy of the support ticket via e-mail
  • Asset management is maintained by a central system which notes the following data:
      - Serial number
      - Items associated to the asset
      - Warranties, cost and origin
      - Support carried out on the asset
      - Status: repaired, swopped out or scrapped
      - Location and customer details associated to the asset
  • Reporting enables Zeag to track warranties, any work carried out against the warranty, and items used within the warranty

World-class service

With Epicor ITSM, Zeag is now able to offer world-class service to its customers through minimum downtime due to technical problems and detailed monthly reporting which assists with strategy and the day-to-day management of their facilities.

"Epicor ITSM enables us to meet all of our customer's detailed reporting requirements and effectively manage service calls to ensure our customers enjoy world-class service," said Cockburn. "This system has become a great marketing tool for our business and I would not hesitate to recommend New Era Solutions and Epicor to anyone."

Company Facts

Location: Johannesburg
Industry: Parking Solutions
Number of Locations: 3
Web site:


  • Parking is complicated when it comes to reporting, customers have varying reporting requirements
  • A person's opinion of a venue is determined by their parking experience because it's their first and last impression of it
  • Problematic parking experiences can sour a venue's relationship with their customers. Being able to report on the performance of Zeag's parking solutions is of paramount importance


Epicor IT Service Management (ITSM)


  • Makes Help desk highly efficient
  • Gives clarity on responsibilities
  • Flexible reporting capabilities to suit customer requirements
  • Selling point for new customers

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