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Maxweld and Braze

Founded in 1970, Maxweld and Braze is the wholesale division of the Weldamax Group. It began as a wholesale supplier of safety wear for the welding industry. But gradually expanded to include a full range of welding equipment and consumables backed by warranties, a local service centre and customer training.

"Epicor is the perfect fit for our business and provides for future growth. It facilitates transparency and establishes proven processes to streamline our business."

Sue Kaplan
IT Manager | Weldamax Group

High production costs in the USA and Europe meant new suppliers had to be found in the East. However this brought further challenges in managing procurement, stock and production, whilst ensuring optimum customer service.

All areas of Maxweld and Braze operations needed to be managed and coordinated to ensure there is continuity from start to finish. Transparency across the organization for good corporate governance and accurate strategic planning are essential to give Maxweld and Braze a competitive edge and precipitate expansion.

The fluctuating Rand v. US Dollar exchange rate means that accurate forecasting and procurement is crucial to ensure profitability. Anticipating customer needs, calculating stock requirements and pricing must be precise in order to meet customer demands on time and at the right price.

The company's impending expansion into Africa and the potential growth of Weldamax's retail division needed to be supported by their new capacity for growth, underpinned by Epicor.

The Key to Success

There was much complexity within the business, aided by systems that did not integrate or offer the flexibility or depth needed to meet business and growth objectives. This made continuity, accountability and transparency impossible.

It was also recognized that a warehouse management system was a prerequisite to establish the smooth flow of management data and efficiency, using accurate information.

"We realized that we needed a fully integrated system for a complete and accurate overview of our business," says Sue Kaplan, IT manager for Weldamax Group. "Our existing relationship with New Era Solutions meant that their suggestion to go with Epicor was taken without hesitation. Epicor is the perfect fit for our business and provides for future growth. It facilitates transparency and establishes proven processes to streamline our business."

Making it Happen

New ERA Solutions specialize in integrated and customisable IT solutions in partnership with global specialists in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and mobility.

"The New Era Solutions team implemented the new system and worked determinedly throughout the process until the system was working optimally and in line with our requirements and operations," continues Kaplan.

"Their advice and guidance assisted us in planning and organising our processes in the most optimal way so that we get the best out of our business. They came to our offices every day of the week to fix any issues that arose and saw us through the hard parts."

Epicor Galvanizes Operations

Maxweld and Braze have 40 users over 3 branches in Johannesburg Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic) now consolidates data from across the following areas of the business:

  • Sales orders, shipping, and invoicing
  • Manufacturing & kitting
  • Inventory control and serial number tracking
  • Purchasing
  • Cash management
  • Customer account management
  • Inter-branch stock management

Maxweld and Braze are growing into the Epicor suite and have yet to use it to its full potential. The next areas of focus are the warehouse management system and field service.

A Bright Future

Maxweld and Braze now has a single system that consolidates all areas of its business. "Continuity, transparency and accurate data are some of the key benefits that Maxweld and Braze now enjoy as a direct result of Epicor," continues Kaplan. "This forms the cornerstone of strategic planning and our growth plans for Africa."

One system with absolute accountability and traceability has helped Maxweld and Braze to formulate a handbook of solutions for everyday problems. Added to this is the streamlining of operations and establishment of processes based on the optimal running of the organization achieved through the availability of crucial data on the day-to-day running of Maxweld & Braze.

About Epicor

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Company Facts

Location: Boksburg, South Africa
Industry: Welding Equipment/Consumables
Number of Locations: 3
Web site:


  • Required standardized data management throughout the Weldamax group
  • Old systems were not integrated and lacked transparency
  • Needed more control over inventory
  • The inability to forecast sales and manage purchasing accurately resulted in incorrect inventory purchasing and holding
  • Fluctuating Rand v. US Dollar exchange rate


Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic)


  • Streamlines operations by integrating internal processes
  • Ensures all areas of the business are transparent
  • Helps to establish processes and systems within the group

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