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See How Epicor is Helping its Customers Grow

ETEL Limited

"I have been involved with five ERP implementations in my career including SAP, JDE and Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the implementation of Epicor ERP [Kinetic] was by far the best."
Kent Sheldon, Finance Manager | ETEL Limited


Schaefers Electrical Enclosures

“We need to know the best methods for increasing our bottom line and profit margins. Epicor ERP gave us the information needed to raise prices in some cases, or even eliminate offerings that are just not cost-effective to maintain.”
Cliff Brooks, CFO | Schaefer’s Electrical Enclosures Inc.


A.C. Brothers

"Epicor ERP [Kinetic] provides us with an easy-to-use, single dashboard with visibility of various data points in the company. There's so much valuable information that comes back from the machines on the shop floor that used to be wasted. Now, the management team can review it to make better business decisions."

Gaurav Chandra, Managing Director | A.C. Brothers



“The Epicor ERP [Kinetic] system helps us integrate business acquisitions effectively. It has reduced the time it takes to transition acquired businesses in terms of configuration, implementation, and training. We can get a newly acquired business integrated at group level and ensure it is up and running in 30-45 days.” 

Pranav Patel, CIO|Aimtron


CV Technology

Epicor is the nerve center of our organization. It has enabled us to integrate the activities of the entire company into one centralized  system.
—Mariano Morales, Chief Financial Officer | CV Technology


Axelgaard Manufacturing

“We will always be ahead of the game by having Epicor directly tied into the machinery and everything that goes on here. With Epicor, you will see an immediate impact by being able to produce much more efficiently. Efficiency is one of our biggest drivers, and Epicor is key for enabling that.”
Dr. Jens Axelgaard, chief executive officer | Axelgaard Manufacturing


Christian Berner

“Staff are able to use iScala as a customer relation management (CRM) tool. They have full visibility of sales history when they are out in the field, which is accessible by all regional branches. It simply enables them to care more about the customer.”
Weimer Andersson, CIO | Christian Berner


Baxter Manufacturing

"When we actually jumped to Epicor ERP 10, the product configurator changes were incredible from 9.05, and the efficiency change in running a job was also amazing. We were hearing from our users speed improvements of 30 percent, but I think it’s been much faster than that for us—it’s been a huge timesaver that makes it a worthy investment to upgrade our ERP"
Jack Pennypacker, Network Administrator | Baxter Manufacturing


Omega Plastics

"Epicor played a major role in helping our team to learn and take advantage of the functionality in the latest version of Epicor ERP [Kinetic]. Their web-based educational videos allowed us to assign training via email and monitor each person’s progress. By completing online training in advance of our target launch date, our team transitioned easily to the new interface, because they already knew what to expect—which meant little to no downtime when we went live."
Mike Pavlica, Vice President of Operations and Finance | Omega Plastics


Dalsin Industries

“The customer’s experience is the reason we’re here. Each and every time, we must provide them with products and services that meet or beat their expectations. Epicor has helped us evolve on how we keep up with our customers and put us in a great position to help us grow as we embrace the future of manufacturing.”
Gary Fruth, chief executive officer | Dalsin Industries


Allied Mobile

Epicor ERP [Kinetic] gives us end-to-end standardization. It tracks everything through our entire system and gives us an extremely accurate picture of nearly every business process, procedure, and transaction in real-time.
Ewan McCulloch, general manager IT


Traeger Grills

"Epicor is the foundation for our key business processes. It really hit the sweet spot by enabling us to scale our business for growth, while taking advantage of a wide variety of new vertical market opportunities. The system also reinforced the companywide adherence of strict traditional and proven business practices. This includes better tracking product sales, so we can more accurately manage our revenue stream and reporting. Everything from sales order management to supply chain fulfillment flows in and out of Epicor."
Ryan Newman Vice President, IT | T