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Epicor Information Worker

Access Enterprise Data in Microsoft Office

Information workers spend much of their day in desktop tools like Microsoft Office. They also need access to company business data to make decisions or do everyday tasks.

So how can you connect your people and their processes with the business data they need?

Epicor Information Worker is an innovative productivity tool that integrates with Microsoft Office. Users can get the information they need when they need it and where they want it. Information Worker creates one immersive solution for enterprise and desktop productivity software.

Work in Context, Online and Offline

Workers need data access from multiple enterprise applications without leaving their current applications. Information Worker software eliminates wasted time by merging data access into Microsoft Office. Before, users had to leave Microsoft Office, open a new application and perform a data search. Then they had to either copy and paste the data back into Office, or even retype it.

Information Worker software eliminates these unnecessary steps. You no longer have to leave your current application to get the data you need. Download the data directly into Microsoft Office. Work on the downloaded data offline, and synchronize any changes to it when you're back online.

Integrating enterprise data access into Microsoft Office is simple. First, Information Worker updates Office with new menus and toolbars. Once business users adjust to the updates, they can become more productive faster.

Extend the Reach of Epicor Applications

Many information workers do not need all the Epicor features. Instead, they may only need access to relevant data stored in your enterprise system. Information Worker integrates with Microsoft Office to solve this access issue. Now qualified users can retrieve, view and modify enterprise data within Office.

Epicor application licenses are only required when users capture or synchronize data. Thus integrating enterprise data into Office means fewer workers need Epicor licenses. Companies can extend their Epicor data to more workers, but also cut licensing costs. This solution maximizes your existing enterprise and desktop information systems.

Easy Access to Relevant Data

Information Worker's integrated and transparent user experience lets users become more productive.

Data is available without search, manual manipulation or scrubbing. Faster data access means workers can make better informed decisions in less time.

More Data Management and Connectivity Capabilities

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