As medical devices have become more complex and sophisticated, research and development expenses have increased, along with clinical and regulatory standards. Today, despite an optimistic outlook, the industry is facing revenue and profitability challenges. Epicor has the software solutions that can help you manage costs, respond to market changes, and address rigorous regulatory requirements.

  • Complete product history and visibility is available, from engineering to submission to production, to fulfillment and delivery, and to service and finance.
  • Support product traceability, product documentation, revision change control and electronic signature.
  • Traceability over lot tracked and serial tracked parts, including serial genealogy of component products to meet customer and industry requirements.
  • Automate the compliance process and reduce the risk of warning, recall and customer issues.
  • Complete validation toolset reduces the cost and effort of software validation.
  • Leverage a central knowledge repository for process and product history.
  • Meet requirements for doing business locally and on a global scale.

“We’re able to process quotes faster, configure units faster, get orders into the system quicker, and with better visibility on the shop floor with MES—this is all of benefit to the business.”

Kevin Parks
The Baker Company

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