As a distributor of consumer packaged goods, your customers may include distribution centers, local retail outlets, large multisite vendors, or some combination of these. Epicor can help you manage that complex mix of ordering preferences and procedures with solutions that empower you to:

  • Easily process orders from multiple sources—fax, email, EDI, and online
  • Manage customer forecasts, orders, and release orders
  • Send and receive transactions via EDI
  • Track and reconcile landed costs

Success Stories

 “We shut down our old system on Friday and started [Prophet 21 Wireless Warehouse Management] on Monday…it was an easy transition.”

John Hibbard

Vice President of Operations

“Since we converted to Prophet 21, we have quadrupled sales, reduced shipping days from four to one, and vastly improved productivity. Prophet 21 has given us a foundation to thrive...”

Mary Porter

Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                 

"[Strategic Pricing for Prophet 21] has the ROI—you just can't argue with the numbers. If you keep your data up to date, implement the system correctly and follow the rules, there's no way you can't make money."


With increased competition and market pressures, now is a smart time for distributors to examine how to improve their margins.

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Learn how modern distributors are looking to improve productivity using 3 factors: processes, people and capital assets.

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Take a look at the journey to digitalization, its benefits, and tools to help the process.

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