Epicor ERP Business Intelligence and Analytics

Answer four essential business questions. What happened? Why did it happen? What is happening now? What will happen next?

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Microsoft Excel Connectivity

When spreadsheets are a must-have, Epicor XL Connect makes it easy to build robust, interactive Microsoft Excel reports directly from your ERP data.

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iScala Business Intelligence

Diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics tools provide a clearer view of your business with iScala.

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Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)

EVA can answer questions about your data with helpful visuals, and perform routine tasks to save you time and effort.

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Epicor Business Intelligence and Analytics

Having the right information—at the right time—is essential to running a successful business. Epicor provides business analytics solutions that are specific to your industry and will help you gain the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

Epicor software features built-in business intelligence solutions that make it easier to establish financial and operational targets, visualize results, and help everyone in your organization understand their impact. Easy-to-use dashboards,charts, and reports can help you improve operations, provide greater service, and drive growth.