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How iScala can Help you Assure Regulatory and Legal Compliance Across Borders

Business today is global, and becoming ever more so. For companies that want to grow, there is often no option but to expand across borders, but many companies find this daunting.

That is understandable. Each new territory brings with it regulations and laws that must be complied with. That's a lot of new data to crunch and processes to track, and of course, there is the ever-present threat of costly legal action being taken against you for failure to comply. As Anabel González, Senior Director at the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, has previously summarised, "The challenges of global integration are not new, but nor can they be ignored."

Fortunately, top-quality enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, such as Epicor iScala , makes things much easier. Indeed, the latest version of iScala (3.2) has been developed to extend the already considerable global compliance facilities of previous versions, giving you pinpoint control.

The purpose of ERP is to bring together information from a range of disciplines within your company and make it easy for you apply it, and thus to streamline business, grow, and achieve and demonstrate compliance. When your company expands into new countries or legislatures, you can ensure that the relevant information is captured in iScala and the correct reports are generated. 

This gives you peace of mind, with the knowledge that you are automatically complying with the rules and regulations that apply to your business, in all areas. It also lets you tailor everything, from inventory management to sales protocols, to comply with the regulations and customs of specific areas.

With an efficient ERP system, even audits and compliance spot checks become less bothersome, because with iScala you can quickly and easily access the records you need, and show how these statistics and processes interact with other areas of your business, such as the supply chain or logistics. For sectors where compliance is critical and regularly assessed, such as food manufacture and healthcare, this can save huge amounts of time and reduce the financial and reputational risks of legal action.

One of the companies to reap the benefit of iScala is Christian Berner, a Swedish technical component supply company that currently operates in four countries. The company's CIO, Wiemer Andersson, is quick to point out the benefits of the system when it comes to working across borders, commenting that with iScala '...cross-border commerce is uncomplicated-supporting our expansion and business growth.'

The massive technological advances of recent years has led to the emergence of a large number of international production networks, but as previously stated by the OECD, managing the scalability and compliance of international trade is complex. Truly efficient ERP software lets companies exploit expansion opportunities, and managers sleep soundly at night knowing that, wherever in the world their business is operating, it is playing by all of the appropriate rules, and can prove it.

Spokesperson: Rachel Clayton, Director, Product Marketing


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