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For beer enthusiasts, the moment when a bartender pours the frothy brew from the tap to the glass is sublime. That quintessential experience is made manifest by the intricate design of the tap handle; the creation of which has been undertaken for more than 15 years by Seattle-based manufacturer TAPHANDLES.

TAPHANDLES was started by Paul Fichter as a simple design operation on his Seattle balcony in 1999 as a one-man shop, using a table saw, band saw, drill press and belt sander to hand-design tap handles. In just a few short years, the business grew from a balcony workshop, to a store in a strip mall, to a now wholly-owned manufacturing facility, built it from the ground up specifically for tap handle production. Through its eye-catching designs and quality craftsmanship, the company offerings are more than just tap handles-TAPHANDLES creates effective and distinctive beer marketing, helping its customers SELL MORE BEER.

“Epicor is a strategic partner for us and implementing Epicor ERP [Kinetic] is part of our competitive advantage.”

Mike Tsoi
Business systems manager | TAPHANDLES

An Epicor customer since 2008, TAPHANDLES was interested in upgrading its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to meet the growing demands of its customers and to gain faster access to business data. Impressed with the ease-of-use, simplified implementation process, and robust functionality and global capabilities of Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP), the company migrated to the next-generation ERP platform in September 2014.

Since then, Mike Tsoi, business systems manager with TAPHANDLES, has seen impressive operational performance and improvements in overall responsiveness. “The system performance is much faster-at least ten percent faster in most areas, including the time it takes to pull the data and save the data,” said Tsoi. “Our inventory department says it is now ten times faster to manage product inventory in comparison to the older platform.”

TAPHANDLES' manufacturing, inventory, accounting, operations, project management, and production design departments all use the system. Kinetic has given TAPHANDLES a leg up on the competition. “Epicor is a strategic partner for us and implementing Kinetic is part of our competitive advantage. We use the system to manage our day-to-day operations more easily, and to identify and resolve potential issues rapidly. The system has helped us refine our business processes and manage our operations,” said Tsoi.

Gaining new and improved information access, TAPHANDLES has built custom business processes to extract specific data for reporting. With Kinetic, TAPHANDLES can now build more complex sub-queries through the Business Activity Query (BAQ) tool to obtain the data needed to produce customized dashboards.

Kinetic enables direct access to the SQL Database to gain data quickly and reports are rendered using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). “We utilize SSRS and the SQL Server agent which allows us to schedule when to run reports and have them delivered directly to internal customers via e-mail. SSRS also enables us to build more complex management reporting by writing code (stored procedure) directly in the SSRS reports,” said Tsoi.

Tsoi added that the direct PDF output of the reports is also user-friendly. “Epicor ERP [Kinetic] prints a report directly to PDF.”

Another way TAPHANDLES is leveraging the system to gain new and improved levels of information access is via Epicor Information Worker. Fully integrated with the Microsoft Office environment, Epicor Information Worker allows users to retrieve, view, and modify enterprise data within the Microsoft Office tools they are familiar with using. This enables TAPHANDLES to capture its inbound and outbound email information directly into the ERP system, significantly reducing the time to load call log data.

And in the future, TAPHANDLES will leverage additional Kinetic features to liberate its data. Looking ahead, TAPHANDLES plans to implement Epicor Services Connect to automate business processes, and deploy customer portals via Epicor Commerce Connect. Fully integrated with Kinetic, Epicor Commerce Connect enables businesses to develop unique websites quickly and manage them easily-providing the necessary tools to deliver a rich customer experience, throughout the order lifecycle.

About Epicor

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Company Facts

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Industry: Specialty equipment manufacturer for the beverage industry
  • Number of Locations: 2
  • Web site:


  • Needed an ERP solution that provides greater information access and faster response time
  • Required the ability to support comprehensive data queries for custom reporting
  • Needed to accommodate customized business processes without sacrificing performance



  • Improved system performance resulting in greater responsiveness
  • Simplified system administration process saving time, money, and resources
  • Ability to build complex data queries for custom reports to provide key organizational insights

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