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Fraud Alert

Epicor® has recently learned that fraudulent checks bearing the Company’s logo are being included in at least two types of scams, namely a “Mystery Shopping” scam as well as most recently, a Publisher's Clearing House scam. Click here to review an article that notes this type of scam circulates the forged check (with a real company's name). The purpose of each scam is to cause the consumer to wire funds to the scammer to either "Mystery Shop" the wire service or to collect on alleged winnings under the sweepstakes. The consumer is then out the funds they have wired and, of course, they get nothing in return.

Epicor does not and has not ever participated in a “Mystery Shopper”, Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes or any other such program. Please be advised that anyone who sends you a check, Epicor or otherwise, while at the same time requesting that you deposit, wire or forward money to help process their payments, or is “minus your pay,” is likely trying to perpetrate a fraud upon you. You can learn more about “Mystery Shopper” fraud and other types of work-at-home/survey frauds at

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