See How Epicor is Helping its Customers Grow

Hyatt International Corporation

“Epicor iScala Hospitality is now the only recommended back office system for Hyatt International Hotels and Resorts.”
Gebhard Rainer, Vice President of Hotel Finance and Technology


Pure Malt

“Tropos allows us to easily analyse segments of our product portfolio for profitability. We can see the costs at a forensic level- something which we were previously unable to do-and this has led to some rationalisation in our offering. These were difficult decisions, but it isn't just about top-line growth. We needed to initially scale back to move forward.”

Ross Turner, Key Account Manager


Havelock AHI

"Deploying Epicor ERP has allowed us to rely on systems rather than manual processes, improve communication between departments, streamline operations, and ultimately ensure that we deliver the highest quality product and service to our customers."
Aiman Mahmoud | Senior IT Manager


The Wood Yard

“Our new version of BisTrack software has more bells and whistles which offer time savings and our half yearly stock takes can be replaced by regular stock checks,”
Andrew Haydock, Managing Director


Calbee UK

"Tropos has grown with us as a business, and without it we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today.”
Nigel Hebron, Finance Director


KMF Group

“The chore was to migrate the data from multiple distinct systems. Epicor DMT provided the pipeline for verifying and validating these details on a cell-by-cell basis as well as cleansing the data for use in a user-friendly manner without gaps. Once the templates were set all you had to do was press ‘go.’ It was just that easy.”
Jeng Lim, Systems Analyst


First Choice Group

“Each day we spend using the Epicor ERP software, the more we realise it delivers over and above our previous, out-of-date system,”
James Rostron, Systems Manager



“After implementing case management in Epicor ERP and replicating our previously manual workflows to virtual ones, we have managed to half the process time, create a completely paper-less system, and save a vast amount of work hours per week."
Daniel Topp, Head of IT


Big Ass Fans

“Epicor ERP literally ties our company together from beginning to end and all the way to shipping product to customers in a timely manner.” 

Greg Finley |  Production Manager


Kiilto Family Oy

“By combining Epicor ERP and iScala as a two-tiered ERP solution, all the information is gathered in one place. This has helped us to meet our business challenges and increase opportunities to grow.”
Ville Kenttä, ICT Service Manager


Epwin Group

“The real-time element of Mattec is certainly the best part of running the software. Our employees are able to react instantly, and in turn, can make more informed decisions based on better data. With our previous software, we would have to put pieces of historical data together and wouldn’t know if something needed to be done right away. Now, rather than letting something go wrong, we can deal with it there and then because we have access to real-time information.”
Alan Humphries, System Developer


Arran Aromatics

"In comparison to the older systems we had in place, Epicor ERP is very different and offers more functionalities and features. Employees are taking time to get used to the software and to know how to make the most of it in order for us to achieve our growth goals."
Gillian Fernie, Finance Director